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"Are you ok?"

"What?" I mumbled. A throbbing pain clung to the side of my face.

"Are you ok?" the man repeated. I looked up to see a man hovering over me. I nodded and took his hand to stand up.

"You took a nasty blow to the face" he said. I nodded so as not to be rude but my attention was else where. I started rapidly scanning the dark area for him.

I couldn't remember what happened after his fist collided with my face. At first I was angry, then scared but now I felt.... Some sort of sympathy. But I had to see him!

Flashing lights illuminated the whole area. Three men carried a body on a stretcher into an ambulance while another police man bolted up a police van.

"We are sorry for any-"

"Where is he?" I cut the police man off.

"Who?" He questioned


"I'm sorry sir we haven't taken names yet" he said apologetically. Sighing I caught sight of Liam and Chloe sitting on a bench in blankets.

"Are you guys ok?" I asked coming over to them.

"Us? What about you?" Liam said, a look of worry plastered on his face.

"I'm fine" I stated, then turned to Chloe.

"Do you know where he is?"

"Who?" she sniffled, wrapping the blanket further around her.


Her eyes widened.

"What's wrong with you!" She shrieked "he just knocked you out cold and you want to find him!"

I looked at the floor, shuffling my feet. I nodded. I don't know why, I just had to....

Chloe did a sort of laugh that wasn't as if something was funny, more like I was mad and she was completely confused.

"Fine you go risk your life! he's in there" she pointed to the police van. Nodding awkwardly I jogged over. A hand stopped me.

"Sorry sir you can't come any further"

"I need to see him" I said gesturing to the van.

"You'll have to wait till visiting hours in the cells"

"He's going to prison?" I exclaimed

"Most likely" and with that he shooed me away. I ran my fingers through my damp hair and turned a full circle on my heels. Now what do I do? I feel......Lost. Actually I don't know what I feel! Everything is so confusing and messed up. I nibbled the inside of my lip nervously. I saw the police man climbing into his seat.

"Excuse me!" I called, stopping the door with my hand before he closed it.

"Yes?" he said, impatiently.

"Sorry, but when are visiting hours?"

The man shrugged, "10 to 2, I think"

I nodded and stepped away from the van as he slammed the door shut. I watched the steel bars of the back of the van get further and further away. A part of me knew it was best, but another part of me wanted to run after it. A dark shadow stood behind the bars, I jumped when I noticed it, then realised it was Harry, his hands clutching the bars, his head leant on them.

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