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Something has changed since last week, the night Harry went all the way without stopping, I'm starting to wonder if the..... Whatever he was on that night, had worn off and it was his feelings not just mindless sex. Oh shut up Louis what are you blabbering about? Of cause it wasn't, that's not Harry, Harry doesn't, and would never do it, his reputation is more important.
But ever since then it has been different, most defiantly different. Because I'm pretty sure he meet looked at me whenever a girl was round, in fact he never even acknowledge me. Or licked his lips when I'm on the couch ad he's in the kitchen starring at me.

I looked up from writing in my journal to see Harry stride trough the room, over to the fridge and take out a bottle of water. As he unscrewed the cap he must have noticed my eyes on him since he smirked and raised the bottle to his lips. Our eyes remained in contact as he drank nearly half the bottle. Gulping I quickly turned away. I heard Harry chuckle behind me and the fridge door close. I didn't know if I was scared or happy when I hear his footsteps get closer to me, but my heart beat was defiantly speeding up.
His breath hit my ear, butterflies still haunted me.
"Someone likes a show" he whispered and ran his hands down my chest. At first I didn't quite know what he meant, then his hand reached my trousers and I realised I had a semi hard on. Damn that's annoying!
I felt my cheeks flush.
"No need to be embarrassed Lou, what do you expect when watching me?"
"I- urm - well-" I stuttered, words always fail me. He chuckled and strode back to his bedroom. I watched a his bare, tattooed chest vanished round the glass, followed by a pair of long legs and tight boxer-briefs.
"You know bitting your lip really turns me on" he called back. I starred wide eyed
"How'd you...."
He chuckled once more and I heard a small thy as he collapsed onto his bed, I wonder what it's like......

'Knock knock'
"Coming!" I called, and trudged over to the door.
There she stood, the girl from the club, well the one that actually had an effect on Harry. Why was she here? Why am I feeling so.... So ..... Jealous?
"Hey" she said sweetly
"Hi" I murmured
"I Harry in?"
"Sorry he's-"
"I'm what?" Harry said leaning on the door frame, I jumped an stepped back.
"Um- I thought-" ok yes I was maybe gonna say "he's not here sorry" I thought that was better than "die bitch!"

I starred at Harry leaning on the door in nothing but sweat pants, which he must have slipped on, flirting with this perfect girl. I can never beat that! I must have been looking at them with a disdained look because she looked away from Harry and said
"You ok?"
"Oh um- yeah I just...."
Harry smirked, I bet he is enjoying this immensely , fucking with my mind and feelings
"yeah what's up Lou? You seem different...." He turned back to the girl "he's just not feeling well probably, you wanna go somewhere?"


I turned to see Louis with an awful sassy face on. I couldn't help bit smirk, he gets so jealous. But I can't be with him, and being around him won't help this phase thing.
"Yeah what's up Lou?" I asked knowing perfectly what was wrong " you seem different......he's just not feeling well probably" I said turning back to Chloe "you wanna go somewhere?"
"Um yeah sure, where?" She asked
I shrugged and turned to grab a top, I saw Louis turning his head away, he looked at that movement like one of those bitchy girls in high school. I past him and grabbed my t-shirt. He looked at me as I went to shut the door, I looked away and hurried off.
"Where too?" Chloe asked, hopping down the stairs.
"I actually don't know" I said truthful, I heard he giggle and I looked down to her, she was truly beautiful. He skinny jeans hugging he small legs and then her big hoodie swallowing her up.
I turned her down a street and stopped at a corner.
"Hungry?" I asked, she nodded smiling.
We found a table in the little corner café and took it. I couldn't help starring at her blue eyes..... And I couldn't help imagining being here with Louis. I looked down.
"Are you ok?"
"Urm- yeah" I answered an took the little menu.

"Water and a cheese sandwich please" I said to the waiter after Chloe had ordered a salad and water.

"I'm glad I met you" she said, I looked up.
"I'm most certainly grateful I met you!" I said maybe to enthusiastically, she looked at me a bit weirdly " I mean your a great person and all..."
The truth is, if I hadn't met her I don't know what I would have done with Louis, at least I can have a girl in my life so I don't go completely mad.
Our food arrived and we ate making small talk. I nearly spat my water out when I looked up and thought Louis was there.
"Wow what's wrong!?" Chloe asked surprised
"Sorry, just choking" I lied, he chuckled as did i.

The wind picked up as the clouds covered the once clear sky. We came to a little stream and Louis wouldn't get out of my head! Why!? I took Chloe's hand, she looked at me a bit surprised but soon relaxed. I ran my free hand through my hair.
"Ok you really seem stressed out about something" she said taking her hand away and stood in front of me. And then I couldn't get her out my mind: her smile, her petite little body and hands, her smell.
I leaned forward and connected our lips. I needed this, Thai is normal, I pushed into the kiss, pulling her close. But she pushed me away.
"Wow! What are you doing!?"
I starred at her.
"Well fuck you too!" I spat. I don't know why I was so angry. She stepped back looking alarmed. I shook my head and walked off.

I found a packet of cigarettes inside my jacket pocket. I looked around and leaned Into a corner. Finding a lighter, I shielded the cigaret with my hand from the wind and lit it. I breathed in deeply and let the smoke surround me as I breathed out.
I rubbed my feet on the welcome mat and chucked what was left of the cigaret on the floor and opened my apartment. I need alcohol! Was my first thought. My cupboards were all empty.
"Fuck!" I shouted and stormed into my bedroom. I heard the toilet flush. Louis.
Reaching under my bed I found a bottle of whine. It will do. Breaking it opening I gulped down the harsh liquid.
"Stop it!" Came a melodic voice. I Carrie on drinking. More than half the bottle was gone now. A hand snatched the bottle from my hands.
"Hey!!" I shouted , wiping my mouth clean.
"Your drunk and....... What have you been smoking?"
"And your awfully hot when your angry" I slurred.
"what is wrong with you!?" He shouted at me, advancing forward. As soon as he was close enough I pushed him onto my bed. I couldn't see properly, in fact none of my senses were working properly.
"Harry stop it!" Louis shouted an tried with all his might to push me off, but I was stronger than him and pushed his arms above him.
"Stop! Harry stop!" I couldn't see the emotion on his face but his voice trembled. His legs kicked but soon tired.
I lifted his top over his head and chucked it aside, soon followed by his trousers.
"Harry!" Louis wailed
His boxers were next and soon he was lying completely naked, all scared and sweaty. I stood off him.
"Stay" I commanded, he did as I proceeded to take my trousers and boxers off.
I jerked myself off watching him breathe quickly in and out.
"Turn over" I ordered. He shook his head. "Do it"
"Harry" he whispered
"I said do it!!!" I yelled.

AN: sorry for any speaking mistake and sorry for a crap chapter I had a mental block and it's late. I will check it tomorrow so sorry if there is loads :/ thanks for reading.

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