Night out

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Harry grabbed the keys from the kitchen counter.

"hey! where you going?" i half shouted, standing abrouptly.

"out" he replied not looking at me but heading towards the door

" no your not" i said half laughing. He stopped in his trackes and turned to look at me

"what?" his voice was cold.

"your, wel-"

"no!" he cut me off " you think you can just come in here and controll my life. well your wrong, i have got rid of your lot before so don't think your any different" His voice was harsh, his green eyes filled with mixed emotion i couldnt make out. I didnt no what to say, i juts satred at him, my mouth opening and closing like a fish. He smirked knowing he won

" where abouts are you going out?" i finally said, calmly

"my night club" a sassy attitude hit his voice. I grapped my jacket, hurrying over to him. Opening the door i saw him staring at me, mouth open.

"you coming?" i asked

" ummm, what are you doing?" he asked, raising his eyebrows.

"coming with you" i said it slowly nodding my head up and down " i have to, cant let you out on your own" i added, speaking normally. He huffed and bit his lip in annoyence, then hurried down the stairs. I blinked and ran after him, slamming the door shut more loudly then i meant to, i winced.

The Autumn air had a nip to it, i zipped up my jacket.

"so were abouts is it?" I asked worried it would be ages and i would pass out in the cold before getting there.

"just up there" His fingure pointing randomly without him looking, he indicated to a brick wall. I decided to shut up.

"hey!" came an unfamiliar voice. I spun round. A brown haired guy roughl;y around my age, maybe a bit younger, strood up towards us. I stared frozen not knowing who this guy was. I toppled forward as Harry charged past me, bashing my shoulder as he did so.

"alright" He shouted back, his arms raising in the air. They embraced in a manly hiug, consisting of hitting each other on the back, I shrugged, keeping my shoulders hunched to keep in the warmth. Harry and this new-guy strood past me, harry completely ignoring me.

"you got yourself a new friend?" The un known guy said to harry eyeing me uo and down as if i was a bug of some kind.

"huh?" came Harry's response. i bit my lip nervously, hating the attention i decided to just look at the floor. I couls feel Harry starring at me along with the other guy. "oh could say that" I felt my cheeks go red.

"or have you decided to baqt for the other team now?" He ended his sentence in a laugh, my cheeks went brighter.

"whta? no!" I heard pure disgust in Harry's voice, making me feel small. I tilted my head up to see them walking down the street.

Tagging after them for about 5 minutes and meeting other un known poeple, i started to hear loud thudding music echcing around, boumncing off the walls and vibriting through the ground. I groaned but harry and his mates all cheered and started jumping, like exited children goign to a theme park.

The club was unbearably loud. I found a stool asrt the bar and quickly took it, to the side of me a girl sat with her head on the bar and 10 or more empty glasses by her head. the other side of me a man around my age sat chatting up as girl next to him. I sighed prepering myself for a long night, filled wiht flashign lights, sweaty bodys, loud screwaming and thumping music. I said hello to my new life style.

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