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The music blared out, it was my usual night out, once again. At the club, dancing my heart out, my mind not focusing on anything. She blurred into vision, just for a second as my head span around. It wasn't till I saw her again, that I really noticed her. I stopped dancing, she seemed to be glowing. Standing out in the crowd. I stumbled over to her, practically falling onto the bar, but I didn't care, was to out of it to get embarrassed. She looked at me, her eyes were a deep blue, her hair golden. She reminded me of someone, someone I couldn't quite picture. She smiled at me, her eyes crinkling at the sides.
"You ok" she asked, clearly, I don't think she was drunk. I nodded, gulping.
"Wanna dance?" I said holding my hand out, she looked down at my hand, hesitant.
"I don't bite" I joked. She laughed and took it, causing. Her hand was warm, and gentle. I pulled her onto the dance floor, pushing others out the way. I found a reasonable amount of space and pulled her close to dance. Her face wasn't coated in make up, her cloths weren't to small and to tight. Her body wasn't rubbing up against me, she was just enjoying herself. I liked it like that, she wasn't throwing herself at me. My mind suddenly flashed to Louis, what?! He was at home, not here, I'm with a lovely girl, go away Louis!
"You sure your ok?"
"What!?" I yelled over the music
"Are you sure tour ok!!?" She yelled back stepping on tiptoes to get closer to my ear. Nodded, not wanting to yell. I bent down to her ear
"You wanna go outside?" I said, still having to shout at bit. She looked at me, a bit cautious. She finally nodded, not likening the music and I led her out. The air was freezing compared to the steamy air inside. I saw her shivering, trying to hide it. Without asking I placed my jacket around her, she looked up quickly.
"I don't need it" she said,her teeth chattering. I laughed and looked u to the sky not answering. Looking back down at her, I lowered my head, leaning in. She stepped back, shaking her head. I chuckled and tried to pull her closer.
"Come on" I whispered
"No!" She said and pushed me away, I starred at her my head spinning and vision fading. She looked scared, my face must if been turning to look angry.
"Fine" I said calmly, I didn't want to stay there any more and turned to go home.
"Wait!" She called, I turned "your jacket"
"Keep it" I sighed my hand waving at her, she didn't reply, I get it tomorrow.
"My numbers in the label" I added, then walked out of the light of the club, the music fading but still banging on in my head.

I stumbled to the stairs to my apartment, not being able to focus on the buttons in the lift. My hands fumbled with the key, it wouldn't go in the slot, getting angry I thumped on the door and slumped up against it. My body fell forward and landed in someone's arms.
"Hey" I said. Not being able to really see. A sigh came from above me
"Your home then" came. Familiar voice, I looked up to yet another air of blue eyes staring down at me. I stood up on my own feet and looked at the older boy, a few inches smaller than me. He turned to the kitchen, I grabbed his arm, it was an automatic reaction. Like I didn't want him to go.
He stopped and looked back at me.
"Yes?" He asked, I didn't say anything, I didn't know what to say. Before I knew it, I was pulling him towards me, the shoving him against the wall. I starred at his eyes, a deep blue that you could get lost in. My eyes trailed down to his lips, his teeth biting down in the them. I'd ident know what I was doing, it was probably because I got rejected. But it happened anyway.
My lips crashed down onto his.


His hand gripped my wrist. i foze, he could do anything to me. i slowly turned to look at him. My body flew forward and was slammed apon the wall. I tried best as i could to not shake, Harry's eyes wondered down to my lips, i bit down on them. I had been crushing on HHarry basically since i first saw him. He knew i was gay knnow and has tried to avoid me as much as possable, and now here i was, pushed up against the wall his body pressed against mine. His lips came into contact with mine, my heart stopped. I wanted so badly to kiss him back, but he tasted of alcohle, and smoke wofted off him. I resisted my erdge and pushed him off. When i saw his face my heart nearly broke.

His green eyes were filled wiht tears, spilling over his eyelids, runnnign down his cheeks. I wipped them away with out realisng, then quickly pulled my hand away.

"harry" i breathed out, he focused on me.

"are you rejecting me to?" he asked, his voice breakign half way through. i paused

"aswell?" i asked stepping away from him. his eyes followed me over to the sofa. he looked at me for a while longer before joining.

"this girl" he bagan, and my heart dropped " well, she seemed different, i think i really liked her, but i didnt know how to treat her, i did what i always dod, try and kiss her" his voice trailed off, i rubbed his back

"it's ok Harry" i encouraged. he breathed his, his voice shaking

"well she pushed me away, i walked off, in a mood, my head wasnt right, she kept my jacket-" he stopped, i stared at him wanting to know, my eyes trying to read his.


it was then my brain clicked. Louis, it was Louis she reminded me of, the blue eyes, golden hair. A smile uncontrollable came apon my fcae, causing him to smile, i noticed his eyes crinckled, the best smile. your just drunk Harry! you don't like him, he just reminds you of that girl. but why did i think, or try to think of Louis when i saw her, i'm tierd, im not going to think about this now.

"hello?" Louis hand waved infront of my face


"she has your jacket?"

"yeah" i murmered "i'm off to bed" i stood up and walked into my bedroom, i felt Louis eyes on me untill i passed the glass.

It was all to much, i'll think about it in the morning, maybe.

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