"I'm fine"

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The cell was dark and gloomy, a lull of nothingness hung in the air. I knew I would end up here, but the thought was hidden deep in my mind. My eyes lost focus as I started mindlessly at the black, steal bars confining me in the cell.

A slim lady dressed in an officers uniform stepped in front of the gates. I remained seated and pretended to not notice her. The sound of bolts sliding open hit my ears, a smile appearing on my face.

I kept my head down, facing the cold concrete floor. A pair of boots took over my view.

"Your being held here until your court date" she stated. I didn't move.

"Your a threat to society with your actions, you know that?"

I chuckled and nodded.

"I would like it if you looked at me" she continued, her voice was firm and held authority. I rolled my eyes up, and settled them on hers.

She was quite young, early 20's I'd say. Her hair was long and a deep brown, tied up in a tight pony tail. Her eyes matched her hair, maybe even slightly darker.

"Thank you" she nodded. "Now I might as well just say there is no point in trying to escape, as security cameras are everywhere, as are guards. Also the punishment isn't worth it, I'm sure" I raised an eyebrow, "There-"

"Would you stop talking" I cut her off by saying. She glanced at me, "it's irritating and your giving me a headache"

"As I was saying, there will be food given to you and bathroom permissions until you are given a proper cell-"

"I said shut it!" I snapped. I rested my elbows on my knees and returned to looking at the floor.

"I would like it if you didn't interrupt me, and if you continue to argue and shout I'll have to tape you" he said, calmly as ever. I growled in annoyance and shut my eyes, telling myself to block everything out.

I saw Chloe wonder across my mind, her small frame and perfect smile in all it's detail. Then Louis came strolling in. His big blue eyes and rosy cheeks. Urgh!

Soon they were fighting in my mind, each one trying to take up the most space. I was fighting with myself on who to let in and who to shut out. Each time I tried to push Louis out he burst right back in.

Abruptly I stood up. My height towering over the police woman.

"I need to go" I stated and barged past her, grabbing the unlocked gate and striding out.


Three bulky men stood in a line in front of me, in attempt to stop me. I didn't have to think about it, I ran full pelt towards them, knocking them aside. They shouted after me, there boots making the floor shake as they hurtled towards me. I kept running. Round several corners and one flight of stairs, pushing anything and anyone out my way.

"Fuck" I muttered, as ten strong looking men stood ahead of me. I didn't slow my pace, I kept at it and ran straight into them.

Their hands grabbed me tightly and didn't let go. My fists hit them uselessly and I flailed my legs violently, winding one or two of them. With each hit a shot of pain reverberated through my body, but I was determined to get free.

Suddenly a sharp pain pricked my neck.

My shouts became weak, my arms and legs hung limply. My eyelids threatened to close and my hearing went fuzzy. I felt as if I was floating, and falling. Soon enough I out cold.



"You can go and see him now" said the police man who had let me in, and showed me the way. Thanking him, I stepped in and looked back as the gate shut, and locked. Taking a deep breath i faced him again.

It's ok, your gonna be ok

I kept reminding myself, my feet moving toward the motionless figure that lay on a mattress placed on the grubby floor. A few inches away from him I stopped and waited. My heart was racing in my chest, my stomach rolling in circles.

Slowly his eyelids fluttered open, his chest rising as he took in a deep breath. I swallowed, and forced my breathing into a normal pattern.

Something about him made me nervous, excited, angry, ecstatic all at once.

His chocolate curls fell over his face as he turned to see me. His dazzling eyes starring through them. Not a hint of remorse was shown.

"No regrets" he mumbled, before looking back up to the ceiling.

"What?" I questioned his random speaking.

"I said, no regrets" he sighed. He seemed so relaxed and casual, considering his surroundings.

"Oh" I nodded.

A silence fell, and hung coldly around us. Suddenly Harry sat up, and turned to me.

"Why are you here?" he asked, his eyebrows furrowed as if he had only just realised it was me.

I opened my mouth to reply, but I couldn't, I didn't know how. What would I say?

The news paper cut out was neatly tucked in my jacket pocket, the recent news to me still stuck freshly in my mind, should I mention it?

"Erm, I wanted to see how you were" I said, "because my job is to look after you somewhat" I added. Harry smirked, a devilish smirk. Slowly he stood up, suddenly making me feel insecure, as he now towered above me.

"I don't need looking after he" he stated, taking a step forward. I gulped.

"Well.." I fidgeted nervously with my fingers, looking down as If they where extremely interesting. "You kind of do" I half whispered, scared he would hurt me if I disagreed with him. I heard him laugh.

"What with?" he challenged. Stupidly I looked up. He was starring right at me, his head slightly tilted to the side.

"Well- you know," I began, his stare slowly burning me. "The drugs, the alcohol, and now it seems your emotions!" I said, chuckling sadly at the end as if it was obvious. My eyes not knowing where to look, so found a place on his strong chest, that was moving in and out with his calm breaths.

"I'm fine now" he stated, shrugging slightly and opening his arms as if I was to look at him and see his was ok. I laughed quietly and looked to the side. When I looked back to him he seemed still convinced nothing was wrong, I raised my eyebrows.


"I'm fine!" He shouted, anger suddenly shooting out of his calm body.

"You're not fine, Harry!" I shouted back.

His hand lurched forward and grabbed my neck. I gasped and tilted my head up, trying desperately to get air into my lungs.

I swung my arms around his, attempting to push him away. His jaw was strongly clenched, basically fuming at the mouth.

"Ha- rry" I chocked.

"I'm. Fine" he persisted.

"I- I can't br- eath" my hands gripped his his as they tightened around my neck. Desperately I pulled aimlessly at his hands, my chokes becoming more frequent.

"I. Am. Fine" He repeated.

My feet started to leave the floor, I glanced at Harry, his eyes had gone mad, his pupils had pinpointed to nearly nothing. I shook my head, but he didn't take notice. He kept lifting me higher. All I could do was squeak out cries for help.

Suddenly I fell to the ground, just as my vision had gone fuzzy. I fell into a heap, from what I could see of Harry, which was his legs and feet, he was walking backwards, with some else behind him. I kept blinking trying to see in focus, but my hearing soon faded and I found my head nearing the floor, faster and faster. 'Till it hit it. And I don't know what happened next, except the hearing I had left, let me hear muffled yells and shouts, haunting my mind as I blacked out.

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