Relaise. Real eyes. Real lies

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My head rose before my eyes opened. My head was filled with a pounding pain, echoing through my whole body. Slowly I opened my eyes, focusing on a blonde boy sitting ahead of me.

"Niall?" I croaked, my throat was dry and painful, even so I was surprised at his low an rough my voice sounded.

"You're mad" Is all he said, with nothing more than a quick glance at me.
"What?" I asked, sitting up slowly and holding my head. My body felt so fragile and heavy, but I was so weak.
"I said; you're mad" he repeated with a sigh. I just looked at him, confused. He rolled his eyes as huffed. "You knew what he was like, and what he was capable of, yet you go in there and talk to him?"
"Oh, Niall I-"
"No, actually, the night he was arrested, you try and find him?!" He continued, a completely bewildered look on his face.
I but my lip, he wouldn't understand, hell, I didn't understand. It was like a sort of force that pulled me toward him.

"You're lucky I'm still here, Louis" he said, resting his arms in his knees. "Not many people are"
I hung my head, I knew it wouldn't be long before people left, who would want anything to do with me? I'm running after a lunatic!
It maybe I'm the lunatic.

Niall stood up, smoothing his trousers. His hand fell onto the door handle, "just, look after yourself, yeah?" He said, before opening the door and leaving.

I took in a deep breath, when did my life become this?
I thought back to first meeting Harry, in the door way to his apartment. I could remember every detail; his hair, his cloths, his voice, his smell! Every fucking detail!
And how was I to know I would be caught on the end of a rope and slowly pulled in closer and closer.

The door opened again, my head shooting up to the sound. A young woman came in, a sweet smile on her face.
"How are you?" She asked.

"I- errm, I... Sorry do I know you?" I answered, squinting at the girl and trying to place her. She chuckled and shook her head.
"No dear, I've just been asked to check on you" she stated, taking out a clipboard.
"Check on me-" I began, looking around and cutting myself off. It was now that I first realised where I was.
The walls were a pale blue, as were the bed sheets. A small lamp was beside me on a white bedside table, along with a glass of water. A drip was on the the other side of me, I followed the lead with my eyes and saw it disappear into my arm.
I looked back up at the girl, a smile still on her face.

"Harry" I murmured.

"Pardon?" She asked. I shook my head.
"Sorry, may I ask who brought me here?"
"The police" she said, slowly. "Do you remember anything?"
I looked around the room again.
"He dropped me" I whispered. My hand subconsciously rising to my neck. The nurse nodded, obviously taking that as a "yes".

"How long will I be here for?" I asked.
"Not long, you're very stable, once the drip is finished you can go" she stated, gesturing to the drip implanted into me. I sighed and saw the chalk empty drink.

"That's too long" I mumbled, shaking my head. I couldn't be in her for that long, I needed to get out.
The nurse finished writing on her clipboard and nodded. "I'll come back a little later" with that the turned and left. The minute the door latch clicked I threw the covers back and slid my feet onto the cool floor. My legs were shaky at first but soon got used to my weight again. I pulled the drip across the room to a chair that held my cloths. Picking up my jacket I fumbled in my pockets, frantically until my hands felt a piece of paper.
"Gotcha" I said, pulling it out.

Seeing as I'm stuck here I might as well do some research. I found my phone in my other pocket and clambered back into the bed.
I un-crumpled the piece of paper and read it again.
Still the question of: why would Liam have this? Clung to my mind, but I tried to shrug it off.

I opened up Safari on my phone and typed in the headline.

Kid goes mad

I braced myself before reading.

Young shook boy, Harry Styles, was one of the town charmers, until today.
Apparently the child beat up numerous students unknowingly to teachers in the past, but he soon took his fists too the teachers.
Police say they have never seen a child so strong and say drugs may have been a very significant part in his behaviour.
They tried to speak to the mother, as the father wasn't available. She couldn't seem to say much, as her nerves got the better of her, but she managed: "Realise, real eyes, real lies"
Hearing this, the police decided to investigate in his family life, finding out a horrid truth as they found-

The phone blacked out, and the power symbol jumped onto screen.
"Great!" I mumbled, throwing it beside me. I looked back at the paper. Scanning over the pictures I froze.
Is that?
I peered closer, squinting my eyes. It is, that's-

Suddenly the door flew open and Liam came tumbling in. I dropped the paper in surprise.
"Liam?" I said, in shock.
"Oh thank god your alive" he breathed.
"Alive?" I furrowed my eyebrows.

Harry wouldn't have killed me would he? I looked at Liam, then at the news report, my brows un-furrowing. I remembered the article on my phone.

A horrid truth

I looked back to Liam, then the paper and Liam again. My mouth falling open in realisation.

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