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I knocked impatiently on Liam's door, pacing back and forth in his patio while waiting for him to answer. As soon as I heard the latch click open I barged through, stopping in the hall way and turning to him.

"Woah, dude, chill" he exclaimed, a bewildered expression plastered in his tiered face. I thrust the photo to him. This photo of Harry's cell, my name scratched repeatedly into the walls.
Sighing he took the photo "what's this?"
I stood nervously, biting my nails as I watched his eyes widened while skimming over the disturbing photo, his mind no doubt swimming with the questions mine was earlier.
Slowly Liam lowered the photo and raised his head, pity full eyes falling upon me.
"Why are you giving me this?" He asked in a suddenly horse voice.
"I wanted to know what you think about it" I stated, nibbling at the skin in my lip, knowing his answer and planning out mine.
"I think it's the cell of a mad man, louis. He's insane"
I let out a heavy breath and snatched the photo back.
"No" I said firmly
"It's not, he's not!" I looked at the photo, knowing I sounded stupid "he's not" I whispered once more. I heard a sigh from Liam and saw his feet walk into the living room.
"Liam!" I stormed into the living room and stood in front if him as he sat on the couch.
"Let it go louis! You're in denial" he snapped.
"Denial" I scoffed "no I'm not. He's not insane I know it! I can see it"
"Louis, he scratch your name into the fucking walls if that doesn't ring alarm bells then what the hell does!?"
I let out an exhausted breath. "I know, and I know I probably sound crazy but.." Liam raised an eye brow, I frowned back
"Think about it mate, what kind of person does that"
"Exactly! No one, unless they're trying to give a message, I think he was!"
"It's your name, not a fucking message he's obsessively possessive" Liam stated, shaking his head.
"No he's protective, you said it yourself. He's sending out a warning, a message, to protect me"
Liam's face filled with sympathy, which was annoying. He thinks I'm deluded.
"Louis, don't think so highly of yourself-"
"Highly? Please listen Liam and try to understand. Something is wrong, I can feel it! He was going to tell me something when I visited him, something important but secret, I could see it in his eyes" I explained, bringing back that night in my head.
"And?" Liam edged me on
"And... And then he kissed me" I slumped down next to him "why did he do that? Why didn't he just tell me!"
"Lou? I know this frustrates you but really you have to let it go and move on" Liam tried to sympathise but I wasn't having any of it.
"Like you did" I mumbled sarcastically under my breath.
Liam's starred at me, even though I wasn't looking I felt his eyes pierce through my skin hit every nerve. "Sorry I didn-"
"Yes you did" he cut in, his voice cold.
"No I, I just-"
"It's true though, I mean look at the news paper, the old school photos, why would you keep it all?!" I burst out the questions that had been pushed to back of my mind while I had been so busy with Harry. But it was true, if he'd let go, he wouldn't have those things in his house and re filling the memories.

A sigh of surrender came out of him. "You're right" he shrugged "you're completely right" he turned to me. "I was like you. Completely involved with Harry, probably seeming obsessed to some people, but I was just trying to find out what was going in. I didn't believe it was insanity, it was just too... Odd the random spurts, he would be completely fine then suddenly like a switch had been flicked he was a different person"
I nodded, a small smile creasing the corners of my lips.
"And if it was insanity, surely he'd get worse as time went on, but it hasn't, he's just the same intensity as he was when it all started. Almost like a malfunction"
"Like the thing that keeps us in control, lost control with him" I added, a thoughtful tone hung in my voice. For. Moment we were both silent, thinking over the experiences and fumbling over possibilities.

"Help me" I broke the silence with my words that sat upon Liam in a confused manner.
"Help me figure it out, we can work together"
He shook his head "uh uh" hanging his head down he sighed once more.
"Why not?" I asked confused
"I said I wouldn't get involved again" he stated, I rolled my eyes.
" at least help me find away to see him, I need to ask him a few things" I murmured.
"Can't you just go a visiting times?" He asked, looking up at me.
I shook my head and price my lips together "he's been put in a padded cell...." I whispered, not knowing why I whispered, but I did. Liam's eyes widened.
I winced, nodding and raising my brows as a confirmation.
"Shit" he mumbled.
"I know you have his families number" I stated, remembering seeing his address book a few years ago and seeing the name 'Styles'. I knew it couldn't be Harry because Harry had no contact with Liam, so must be a family member. Liam heis stated before nodding, realising there no use hiding it all now.
"Why do you need it?"
"Only family are aloud in to see padded cell members if the patient seems able to see people" I mumbled. My plan was rushing through my mind as the words fell out my mouth, many things could go wrong but. It's all I had.
I don't even know his family, but I'm going to have to make it work.

AN: sorry sorry sorry. It's crap I know. Next one will be better, family twist ;)

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