Such a good boy

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I placed the phone down and sat back. I knew he would come, I could hear the fear in his voice when he had answered the phone. I wasn't planning on him being scared of me, but at least he doesn't think he can do anything, I can control him now.... He is in my control. I snapped my head up as I heard a knock come from the door.

"Come in" I called.

I heard keys jingle then the lock slide open followed by the door.
Louis stood there with the help of......

"Who's he?" I asked.
"Um- this is- a- um-" Louis stammered not able to look at me.

"I'm Niall" Niall said. I smirked and nodded. Louis still was looking around and finally fixed his gaze on the floor.

"Well Niall, you can go now" I said walking towards them.

"Can i?" he said. I wasn't sure if he was testing me or asking Louis. Either way Louis hand tightened it's grip on Niall's arm. I clenched my jaw.

"Yes" I said, glaring at him. He gulped and turned to leave.

"Please" Louis whispered.

"Go!" I shouted before he could reply. Niall scampered of and I shut the door. I looked to Louis. His legs were shaking and he forced his stare I remain on the floor.

"Why did you leave?" I asked. Louis remained silent. "look at me when I talk to you!" I said raising my voice slightly. Still Louis did nothing. I grabbed his face and forced it up so his eyes made contact with mine. "why did you leave?!"

"Why did you leave!" He spat. He was practically fuming. I chuckled and let his face go.

"I had to go" I replied

"Well I wanted to go!" he said.

"Why?" I asked, moving over to the couch and sitting down. I patted the space next to me but Louis stayed where he was.

"Why? Why do you think! Don't pretend you don't fucking know!" He shouted.

Smirking, I pulled a cigarette out my pocket and a lighter. Placing it to my mouth I kept eye contact with Louis. He was breathing heavily trying to control him self.

"Oh yeah" I said, blowing a cloud of smoke up to the ceiling. " Sorry about that, you seemed ....... Peaceful"

Louis practically chocked "peaceful!? What the fuck is wrong with you!? You psycho! You hurt me so much I passed out! Then I woke up to find you gone, I had to call my friend to help me get away because I couldn't fucking move!"

"Sorry" I said, in-hailing more smoke. " But I don't recall telling you to leave" I stood up.

Louis backed into the door.

"You don't do things unless I say you can" I walked towards him.

"I- ur- you, you don't own me" he stuttered

"No, but I will" I was right in front of him now. I dropped the cigarette and stomped it out.

"What? N- no. No you won't." He said looking at the cigarette I just dropped.

I smiled and lifted his head.

"Oh Louis" I ran a finger down his cheek, he gulped. "Don't look so scared" I leaned in "I only want to protect you. If your with me your safe. Trust me. I'll look after you" I looked him in his big blue eyes. Reading his emotions. I knew I had him.
His head slowly nodded and i connected our lips. He didn't move, but didn't push me away.

"Such a good boy" I whispered.

He was so alone. So innocent. I knew from the first time I saw him. Now I never planned to do this with him, it just happened. But I couldn't not do it. He was just so.... Venerable. No one to love him. So I thought I would help. If I control him he won't feel so alone. He'll have me. It's not my fault if he develops feelings for me. It's not my fault if I can't return those feelings. I have Chloe. That's normal. It's not my fault he's not normal. But I can use that, he's there if Chloe isn't. It's not like I love him. I can't. I never can, and never will.

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