The day before

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IF YOU GET CONFUSED READ WHAT THIS CHAPTER IS CALLED. this is basically just getting to know Louis friends and family.

Louis' pov

I awoke to the sound of my phone buzzing with a message, i groaned and rolled over to grap it.

text: hey what you up to today? - Stan

I rolled my eyes and looked at the clock on my side table. i replied with:

well i was planning on sleeping past 7:47 -_- - Louis

ah yeah sorry about that, but do u have any plans today? - Stan

no not really - Louis

great you wanna hang out? - Stan

go on then - Louis

cool see you at 10 at the park? - stan

yeah cool, see you then - Louis

He didn't text any more after that, the time was now 7:56, i'll sleep for another 4 minutes.My brain woke me up at 8:30, i guess four minutes isn't enough. I rolled out of bed and suffled into the bathroom. I stripped down and hopped in the shower. The warm water woke me up and i was able to think about me day. After the shower i washed my teeth and studied my face seeing if i looked ok to face the day. Back in my bedroom i rumaged through my cloths stattered everywhere and picked out some brown chino's and a stippy top. I slipped them on over my boxers then slid down stairs and stumbled into the kitchen.


i looked up from nearly falling on my face and saw my mum cooking over the stove. i smiled at her and grabbed an apple

"morning" i said back before bitting into my apple.

"i'm making scrablled egg and toast" she sai raising her arms as i ate my apple

"it sounds lovely but i have-" i looked at my watch it read 8:30 "an hour and a half to get ready, i'm meeting Stan" i said

"well if you have time i will keep some spare for you" she replied with a smile

"thanks, love you mum" i said before dashing back up stairs.

i sat down on my stool infront of my mirror with all my face and hair products. I picked up my mosturiser and rubbed it on my face then got my hair gel and and rubbed it over my fingures then styled it into my hair, shaping it so it was swipped to the left and up in a little quiff. I went and washed my hands in the athroom then went down stairs. 9:15, wow i either take along time to get ready or teh time just goes really fast. It takes about 20 minutes to walk to the park, so i have about 25 minutes, yeah I'll eat.

Charlotte my sister was listening to music and texting and being completely anit-socialat breakfats, but were used to it, i kept winding her up by saying

"oh you teting your boyfriend?" turns out she can hear through her music when she wants to and gave me an evil look i laughed

"i love you really" i said after.

fizzy was playing the the two twins and mum kept looking to see who lottie was texting after my little joke. But it was avry nice breakfast

"thank mum" i said as i jumped up from the table and ran to teh front door. I looked at the time 9:32. I grabbed my shoes and pulled them on, then i rolled up the bottoms of my trousers and stood up, brusing my self down.

"how long you going to be?" i hear mum saying from behind me

"urrr not to long will probably be back before 4" i said while getting my jacket on. Fizzy came up to us cahsing the twins who went screaming up stairs.

"i'm gonna get you" she called to them before laughign and looking at me

"you going out?" she asked

"yeah meeting up with a friend " i said and kissed her forehead before she went running afte rthe twins. Lottie came out to see what teh screaming was about

"oh you goign to see you boyfriend?" she said to me raising her eyebrows and smirking at me.

"no! he just a friend" i said

"yeah whatever you say" she replied and turned back from where she came from

"i'm gonna get you back" i called laughing, mum chuckled

"ok have fun bye" she said and turned away

"yeah bye" i said waving and goign out the door. I made it out of teh house at 9:42. 10 minutes saying good bye! seriously? I trugged down the road looking at all the new leaves and flowers apearing now spring had arrived. I made it to the park at 9:57. I looked around and saw Stan kicking a football. He waved to me when he saw me and came running over

"hey, you made it" he said panting

l"how long ahve you been here?" i asked looking him up and down

"only 15 minutes, i brought a ball wanna play?" he asked smiling, i nodded and snatched the ball from him, kicking it hight in the air. We played around for a while then i saw Liam walking down the side walk.

"Hey!" i shouted, he looked up and waved smilling. We walked over to him and we said hello and so on. We all hung out for a bit then got hungry so we wondered over to burger king.

We all sat own with out difefrent meals. I had a cheese burger with fries and a milkshake, Liam had a cheese burger two but with a coke and Stan had chicken nuggets. I smile to myself and bit into my burger.

"so you got a new client i heard?" Liam said with a mouth full. I forrowed my forehed at the sight "sorry" he said covering his mouth, i laughed

"yeah, harry, i think" i said

"do you know what he lookes like?" Stan said his eyes glisening

"haha no not yet, he's probably like the rest fat and hairy or skinny and sickly" i said laughing, Liam and Stan laughed to. "and anyway, peopel who are into drugs and acholics arent my type" i said raising my eyebrows.

"you really need to stat seeing someone though" Stan said, he's always trying to hook me up with poeple.

"yeah but it will come" i said "in time" i added and we all chuckled.

"so when do you start?" Liam asked.

"tomorrow" i said tehn looked at Stan " so i was trying ot get some sleep today

"sorry i havemt mastered my skills of mind reading yet" Stan said sarcastically, i smilled.

We finished our burgers and wondered home our seperate ways, tehey wished me luck for tomorrow, i said thanks, then it started to rain. I looked up at the sky

"typical" i said to myself and pulled my hood up and ran home with my head low and hand in my pockets.

so yeah that was just so you kind of get to know his family and friends a bit.

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