I can't but I have too

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I lay there frozen, heart beating fast. His heat was radiating off of his body, pressed against mine. for a minute I thought he would snap out of it as he just looked at me with his green eyes. But instead his lips met mine and his tongue danced around mine. I was still unmoving. My feelings were going haywire, I could feel my insides churning and wanting to grasp the curls resting on his head and let my mouth trace every part of his body. But another bit of me was pushing those feelings down. Telling me Harry is just a job, a patient. I get one almost every other year. But Harry was different, I wanted, no, needed him. He overtook my thoughts and now is a better time than any to admit that to myself.

I let the thoughts of wanting Harry push up through, ignoring the stop he's your job, which you will loose! Louis stop! And just letting my heart guide me.
My lips mimicked his actions and danced upon his ruff yet sweet lips. I interlocked my fingered between his chocolate curls, tugging at then. His hand ran down my side and pulled at my t-shirt. He raised it up, breaking the kiss for a moment, and pulled it off my head before reconnecting our mouths once more. He groaned into the kiss, sinking it deeper, as I tugged harder at his hair.
His lips found left mine and found my jaw line, sucking softly. I tilted my head back and let his do his work. Is tongue traced my neck and nibbled on my collar bone. I sunk my head into the cousins behind my head and let the moan I had been holding back erupt from the backlog my throat. He stopped and looks up, I glanced down. Our eyes met as he smirked.
"You like that?" He purred, I nodded
"Don't stop" I half pleaded, letting my head fall back as he began again.
A small purple mark prominently showed. Satisfied with his work he began to kiss down my stomach. I could feel his erection hard against my leg as his mouth continued to send electricity throughout my body. His teeth tugged teasingly at my trousers.
"Harry.." I breathed out, uneasily. I bucked my hips upward, wanting friction of something, friction which he wouldn't give. He leaned back away from me, making sure he teased me well.
His figures gently and slowly undid my trousers, but on by button leading onto the zip. I studied his face as he did so, what had he taken this time? How out of it was he? When would he snap out of it? What if he didn't.
Then I remembered Stan and what he said, maybe his true feelings come out when he is out of it, they say let the alcohol talk.
The cold air hit my legs, snapping me out of my thoughts.
Harry stood of the sofa. He stood there completely naked, I looked at my own body compared to his. His body was covered in tattoos, stopping at his chest. His legs were long and stony as were his arms. My eyes widened when I trailed my eyes down, he was huge, and hard. Suddenly I was scared, would he hurt me? Louis, what are you doing? You can stop this now!
Bit I didn't I took his hand which he held out for me. I let his pull our bodies together then have him push me onto the floor. I listened when he said "stay there" and watched him turn into is bedroom.
He came out, condom in-between his teeth, towel in his hand. He threw e towel aside and ripped the condom open. My stomach swarmed with butterflies and my heart missed a beat. Without warning he stripped off my boxer-briefs and let my erection spring free. I breathed heavily as he rolled the condom onto himself.
"Turn over" he growled, I did so. I felt this weight once again on top of mine. I was scared. Normally I top, I wasn't used to begin on the bottom.
His hand rubbed over my shoulders then his figures were shoved into my mouth. I knew what I needed to do and did so, coating his fingers in saliva.
"Ready?" He whispered into my ear, his curls tickling the back of my neck.
He didn't wait for my response, his finger was inside me. I gasp in the sudden sensation.
"Am I hurting you?" He pouted. I shook my head and let his carry on. One finger lead to two and two lead to three.
His hand moved in and out and I let out a yell as his finger hit my prostate. He stopped dead.
"Louis?" He trembled, so he does care.
"Car- carry on" I stumbled, to far gone to stop him now. I heard him breathe out in relief and he slid his fingers back and forth.
Soon he removed his fingers and I whimpers in loss, he chuckled and I felt the tip of his hard circling my hole.
"P- please h- arry" I was practically pleading and get like hitting myself in the head, what am I doing!?
My thoughts where cut short as a pain hit me as Harry shoved his whole length into me. The pain soon turned into immense pleasure. I moaned loudly, not bothering to hold it back.

Harry quickened his pace and begin breathing heavily.
"Turn around" he breathed, slowing down and grabbing my waist to flip me over "I wanna see your face as I destroy you".
I turned onto my back and what I saw was enough to make me cum right there.
Harry's hair was clinging to his forehead with sweat, his face got a flustered, teeth bitting in his bottom lip, muffled sounds escaping his mouth. I bit my lips and moaned loudly.
I wrapped my hand around my own length and moved up and a down. My hand was covered by another as Harry's huge hand wrapped over mine jerking me in time with his forceful thrusts.

"Har- Har- I'm, I'm, gonna" I stumbled and couldn't finish, I tilted my head back, arching back and closing my eyes.
The put I my stomach clenched and a warm feeling came over me, I wouldn't be able to hold it much longer.
Harry laughed, deeply
"No. Not yet" he ordered
"But Harry" I whined, curling my toes in frustration.
"No" he hook his head and thrust into me, hitting my prostrate over and over, bringing me nearer and nearer.
"Ok" he breathed. He clave one last twist of his hand and I let myself go. Covering Harry's hand, his stomach and mine. Not long after I felt him fill me up.
He rode it out and flopped down beside me, put chest rising and falling in sink.

I tuned my head and his eyes met mine, green against blue, blue against green. And in that moment I knew there was no turning back from where I had fallen, no way out. I had fallen hard and well with this person, the only person I want to be with, even though it won't be. Because he is him and I am me, he's drunk and not with it and I am not. I have the feelings, he has the sex driven life. That's Harry

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