wake up

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I woke up with my head thudding. I clutched it and looked around. I was in my room, well at least i made it here. Rubbing my eyes i went to get up, my hnd hit someone else hand. I gasped then realised it was a girl. Her mascara from last night smudged a bit and her blond hair spread across my pillow. I crincled my forehead and tried to remember what happened last night. I figure it had someone thing to do with music because my ears were still ringing with the the beat. Well something must have happened beacuse i was naked as was the girl. It wasn't much different to most my mornings really, well all of them i woke up with a diferent girl. A knock came from the front door. I looked up and wasn't sure if it was the music in my head or an actual knock on the door. It came again, knock knock. I heaved myself off the bed, my vision was blurry so i had to hold onto things as i moved. I pulled on some grey sweats and stumbled to the door. I opened it to see a boy a few years older than me, i think.

My vision was coming back, but kept blurring out now and then making me dizzy so i leaned on the door to steady myself. He just looked at me with big blue eyes, a satchel hanging from his shoulder

"who are you?" i asked ,in a more sleepier voice than intended, although i had a vague idea who he was, probably someone from the goverment. I get a new one every few months, They all give up on me.

"Louis" he said reaching out his hand "Louis tomlinson". I just starred at it, I ain't holding it. He quickly brought it back in. I scratched my neck.

"what do you want?" i asked half heartedly.

"i'm here to-" he paused. I raised my eyesbrows waiting for him to continue. The ringing in my ear hand died down now so i could hear better. "be you knew friend?" he said it questionly. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at him, he looked sheepish. was that the best he could come up with?

" oh your from the goverment" i said. he looked guilty

"yes" he admited staright away, i smiled inside, this was going to be fun. i started to walk back inside when he said

"just thought i would let you know_" he stopped again mid sentence. I really hope he wot keep doing that i can get really annoying. " I like to make things fin and easy" he said finally. Yeah this is going to be fun!

I took some water out the fridge, shutting it more loudly then expected causing Louis to turn around to look at me. I unscrewed the lid and started to drink. Lois looked around admiring my apartment. A groan suddenly came from my bedroom making me almost spit out my water. Jeeze i forgot she was in there! I placed my water down sighing and made my way to the bedroom.

The girl was sitting up rubbing her head and clutching the covers to her chest. I smirked. Our cloths were scattered everywhere. I picked up her underwear a chucked the to her, her tight top and mini skirt followd shortly.

"huh?" she said in reply to her cloths landing in her lap

"get up" i said


"cause you have to go" i said going and pulling the covers off her. She squealed and jumped up partly because of the cold and partly because she had no cloths on. I smirked again and looked away to give her some privacy. I heard russeling as she got changed. I turned round to see her pulling her top down, well as far as it could go. She brushed her hair out her eyes, i grapped her and pushed her around the glass and throught he reast of the apartment with Louis looking very confused and startled, as did the girl, to see me pushing a girl in cloths that looked to small for her, looking like she juts got up and doesnt know whats going on. I pushed her out the door said

" thanks"

and shut the door before she could say anything. I tunred and leaned on the door to see a very wide eyed Louis trying to process what juts happened.

"what?" i said raising my arms

"i...urrr...well" is what his reply came out as, i shrugged as did he and went back to my water.

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