Waiting and working

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Three days had past since Harry's sudden mood change. He had been avoiding me as much as possible which isn't good for my work, I don't know what he's doing, with who, or where he is. At least I had made sure I got rid of all alcohols and drugs, he hasn't seemed to notice from the small times he is in the house.
I found his number on two days ago on his landline and had been phoning him non stop, he's probably annoyed with me. He most certainly doesn't want to talk to me, but I need to talk to him. Maybe we don't have to speak face to face... I stopped pacing back and forth and took out my phone

LOUIS: hey, we need to talk. I texted him, I got an answer almost immediately, maybe he isn't a speaking on the phone sort of person.
HARRY: who is this?
I starred at his answer, who am I? Who do you think I am- shoot! I hit myself in the head, no wonder he hasn't picked up when I called. I have his number 'cause I found it, he doesn't have mine, we never exchanged numbers.
LOUIS: louis.... I typed quickly not wanting to loose him
HARRY: oh, leave me alone, are you the one who has been calling non stop!?
Great, I knew he hated me. Although I don't know why, it was him who came onto me, I tried to push him off!
LOUIS: yes, sorry but we need to talk, look I know what happened didn't meen to happen but can't we just forget or move on?
I prayed he would agree
HARRY: I'm not gay
LOUIS: I know! I never said you were
HARRY: so why did you come onto me!?
I actually laughed out loud
LOUIS: you came onto me! You were completely out of it! I tried to stop you but you are a lot stronger than me
I had to admit it, he was. It took a whole for Harry to answer, I don't think he would.
That's all he said. I waited wanting him to say more, but he didn't. Sighing I decided to call Stan since our last time together was interrupted.

"Hello?" Stan answered
"Hey" I said, trying to sound cheery
"Oh hey Lou, sup"
"Nothing really wanna go somewhere?"
"Hmm yeah sure I don't have anything on, whatcha wanna do?"
I thought about it, park? No to boring, plus it was raining, cafe, no I'm not hungry.....think Louis!
"Cinema?" He asked, noticing my loss of thought.
"Yeah sounds great, meet you there in like 20 to 30 minutes?"
"Mhm see you then" he said before hanging up.
I stumbled up the stairs and I tot he bathroom. I looked, well, a mess. Not getting much sleep really gets to you. I had big dark circles under my eyes and looked really tired. I rubbed my face with my hands hen with moisturiser. Eh, it will do. My hair just wasn't working, I'll wear a beanie.
I wore my white TOMs, took the spare key and my car keys, checked the item before stuffing my phone in my jacket pocket and headed out the door.
The 15 minute drive happened smoothly but my mind was focused on Harry. I didn't know what he was doing, where or when he would get back. Should I of left him a note? It was to late now, I pulled into the parking lot and met Stan.
"Hey, what movie are we seeing?" I asked, trying to disguise my obvious worry. Stan shrugged
"Thought we could pick when you go here" he paused and looked at me "what wrong?"
"What? Nothing why?" I stumbled over my words, good one Louis
"You seem.....agitated" he said.
"Oh, umm I will tell you later we can get a coffee or something after the movie" I said
He seems to agree and nodded before heading inside.

I scanned the list if movies. Horrors, thrillers, romance, comedy, stand up, documentary.
"Comedy?" I asked, trying to lighten the mood
"Yup". Stan agreed and we picked a movie.
I waited in line for the tickets, alone, I found out after talking to what looked like myself for a minute that Stan had gone somewhere.

"Sorry I went" he said, coming back.
"Where do you-" I turned round and saw his arms full with; popcorn, sweets, drinks. My eyes almost bulged out their sockets.
"Right I'm paying for the movie." I said
"Shut up!" I payed the man and got our tickets. "Room 3" I said to myself.
"Here" Stan said, hearing me and realising I walked straight past it.
"Oh, oops" I laughed and opened the door since he had no free hands. We found out seats. Right ate the back in the middle, as always, perfect view.
We munched our snacks and laughed through the movie, un interrupted.

"We'll we finished it this time" Stan said as we walked it the building.
"What do you mean?" I asked, opening my car door.
"You had some sort if emergency last time" Stan said, getting n the other side.
"Oh, yeah sorry about that" I started the ignition. "Where to?"
"Magpies?" I nodded
Magpies is a little coffee shop on the edge of town on a corner, nice place, cosy.

"So what happened?" Stan persisted the moment we sat down.
"Harry" I grumbled
"What happened?" Stan got concerned
"Harry" I said again, because that so what happened really.
"What do you mean?"
I was about to start when the waitress came over.
"What can I get you two gentlemen?"
I gave a side glance to Stan telling him he can go first.
"Uhh a light coffee please"she nodded, writing it down.
"Same" I have a smile, nodding she walked away.

"So yeah, Harry?"
I moaned, and rested my head on my hands.
"Ok so I got in and...." I began to tell him the story of what happened, how I found him stoned, the girl gone. Actually he is probably with her now, hope she is ok.
I told him about the awkward moment and how he suddenly snapped out of it.
"Well they say let the alcohol talk" Stan chuckled.
"What do you mean?"
"He couldn't like you but is scared to admit it, or like boys, hence al, the girls. Maybe when he is drink or out of it, his true feelings come out" Stan made sense, but I didn't think that was the case.
"I just think he gets horny and when he can't find a girl he take advantage of me" I admitted, Stan shrugged.

I said bye to Stan and opened the door. I was greeted by the sound of groans coming from Harry's bedroom. I rolled my eyes and thought I would have fun with this.

"Honey I'm home!" I yelled, a squeal came from a girl with him and a yelp.
"The fu-" he grumbled as he staggered into the room. He eyes dark and body completely naked. He was shortly followed by two girls. My eyes widened, not just at the fact he had two girls but that he was sanding completely naked in front of me and my insides were going mad.

"Any one else in there?" I asked, trying to stay confident. But the look on Harry's face looked like he wanted to kill me.

"Go" he said, not leaving his eyes form me.
"Ok" I said and began to leave.
"Not you!" He growled, what?
"You two out now!"
The girls huffed and rushed out the room, the cloths clutched between their hands.
"Uhh, sorry" I said and started to leave again.
"Stop!" He ordered, I froze.
Suddenly his body was pressed up against mine from behind. His arms wrapped around me. I tried to breath normally but my breath came out shaky. I could feel the heat of his body though my cloths.

"So honey" he hissed in my ear, then began to nibble on my ear lobe. My whole body wanted to melt.
My trousers got increasingly tighter.
"You see you interrupted me, and I didn't want it to end." He hissed again.
Before I knew it I was flung down onto the sofa, his naked body pressed down on mine, his eyes dark and flickering.

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