Knock Knock

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I knocked on the door and bite my lip. I never know what teh person is going to look like or how they act or-- my trail of thought was cut off by the door opening showing a tall lad with curling locks hanging over his face, his green eyes shinned through mezmerising me. He was wearing sweat pants with bare feet and a bare chest. I gulped, well atlest he wasnt a fat hairy gross guy.

He rubbed his eyes and startched the back of his neck, i'm guessing he just woke up. Leanig his arm up on the side of the door he said in the sexiest sleepy voice i heard, wait what did i just think!?

"urr who are you?"

"umm Louis" i say smiling at him " Louis Tomlinson" I hold out my hand. he just stares at it and insted says

"why are you here?"

"umm well i'm" i pause thinking how to say it " your new friend" i said unsure. In truth i was sent by the goverment to help him with his addictions.

he stared at me blankly. Then clicked

"ohh your form the goverment"

i looked sheepish.

"ummmm...........yes" i addmit. He just blinks slowly and yawns. He startes to walk back in the house when i say qickly

" oh i just so you know i'm-" i cut myself off, im not sure how to say t or if he will handle it well, i dont even know what h's like. He could be seriously homophobic and beat me up. He lookes at me raisning his eyebrows "i'm also here as friend and try to make it fun?" i say questionally. He just shakes his head and walks in leaving the door open, for me to follow i guess.

I shut the door behind me and stand awkwardly in the room. To the left of me there was a white coffie table ocumpanied by to sofa's on either side of it. To the right of me was an open plan kitchen, marble counters and oak cuboards. Straight ahead of me was a glass pannle taht was shaded so you couldn't see in but you can see out. I wondered what was on the otherside of the glass when i heard a door shut. I spun round to the right and saw Harry unscrewing a bottle of water he had juts taken from the fridge. A muffled groan came from behind the glass, sounded like a female, i raised my eyebrows in supprise. Harry quickly pulled the bottle from his mouth almost spitting out the water in the sposses, a tiny smile spread on my lips, it was cute. He placed the water bottle down and walked quickly past the glass, kind of swying fom side to side as he did, i don't think he was fully awake yet, or over his hang over.

Ok what do you think? carry on? the next chapter is going to be the same morning but in harry's pointo of veiw

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