kill to be kind

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AN: OMG i am so sorry for this taking ages to update, wattpad was being weird and not letting me save the chapter.

Any-who how I this chapter? I accidentally started of the first 3 paragraphs in the 3rd person, not Harry's point of view, so I had to change that and it may sound weird.

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-HS I starred at the chains wrapped around my wrists and ankles, restraining most movement. I tapped my fingers anxiously on my knee. The silence was killing me. Red rings circled my wrists from the constant tugging committed into trying to break free. But this ward had me under complete control and supervision.

Cameras where placed in every corner, a guard was on watch 24/7 and the chains were unbreakable by human. But I knew what they wanted and figured to get out, all I had to show was that I am okay and stable.

Sighing I pushed myself onto my feet and walked as far as I could, reaching just past the middle of the room. Then, leaning my top body forward and spoke through the gate.

"So how long this time?" I asked, referring to time in the cell.

The guard on duty stood still and didn't react. A frown formed on my face, I had never taken a liking to being ignored.

"Oh come on now, your not really going to just stand and ignore me, are you?" I said. Once again the guard had no reaction. "A week? A month? A year? Two years!?" I paused and looked at the chains. "Or maybe if I had the key, I could get out whenever I wanted" I continued in a lower voice, jingling the chains. The guard span round, causing me to chuckle, dropping the chains and sitting back down. The guard wouldn't show if he was annoyed or not, which I also didn't like. I liked making people mad and have them lash out or get worked up, simply because it's amusing.

"Okay, I'm sorry" I said, in a fake apologetic tone. " it's just so boring!" I shouted the 'boring' and dragged out the 'so', as the guard went back to his original silent pose. I huffed but said and did no more.

A while later I heard the gate being opened and shot open my eyes, glaring at him.

"Oh, you decided to join me?" I joked in a croaky voice. "I'm sorry but I don't have any-" i stopped my joking around abruptly as a boy with golden hair and blue eyes wondered in.

"Thanks" he mumbled to the guard before he left, leaving the gate unlocked.

I starred at him, not knowing whether I was happy, or angry to see him. To be honest I don't think I felt anything anymore, just a sort of, numbness.

"How are you?" He whispered, his hands clutched in front of him, fiddling nervously.

"How am I? I'm great thanks for asking" I said in an all too sarcastic tone. "I have this rock to sleep on, and rationed food, no entertainment... And... Oh yeah, I'm trapped in fucking chains!" I yelled, tugging at a chain and leaning my head back into the cold wall. Louis flinched and looked down.

"If your so scared of me why do you come?" I said quietly after a moment of silence, my eyes closed and my head still back.

"I- I'm not scared" Louis whispered, earning a soft chuckle from me. I pulled my head up and rested my arms on my knees, so my head faced the floor.

"Oh, but you are" I murmured, opening my eyes and looking up at him. All he did was stare back, his eyes flickering back and forth. "And you should be" I continued "if you think your not, your trapped in your own world.

"Me?" He scoffed, "you're the one trapped in their own flipping world!" Louis stated in a raised voice. I raised a brow and raised a finger to my mouth.

"Shhh, they come and take you away If you shout" I stated before shrugging. "And anyway I may like it that way" Louis nodded and swallowed.

"I shouldn't have come here" he whispered, turning to leave.

The numb feeling was slowly creeping back in, I hadn't notice it leave. But it had and I didn't want it back, and as Louis was leaving it was re-entering.

"Don't leave" I said quickly, wincing as the words came out my mouth. He stopped. He would always stop. If I said I said jump, he would, he would always jump.

"Why not?" he said, turning around, his jaw was clenched tightly. "Why not? so you can try and kill me again!"

"I was protecting you!" I yelled back, standing up but not reaching him because of the chains. He was breathing heavily and looking at me like I was mad. I glanced up at the gate, checking if anyone was coming. "Bullshit!" he shouted, "Is that what you told poeple when you murdered 7 of them!?"

I snapped my eyes back to him. "what?" I mumbled. Louis took a step back and gulped. I chuckled slightly under my breath "so you found out"

His eyes darted everywhere except me, his mouth opening and shutting like words were there, but stuck. I blinked slowly before adding "Sometimes bullshit is the truth".

"How is this protecting" he scoffed, before he grabbed me round the neck, momentarily trapping my wind pipe. My hand shot up and grabbed his wrist, suddenly all his confidence died and he looked up at me in fear.

"I was protecting you from someone who could be anywhere" I whispered, that's all I needed to do, our bodies where so close, I could feel his heart pounding in his chest. "But you can't keep someone from everywhere, unless they're no-where."

"I don't need protecting anyone" louis whispered.

"You need it from me" I stated, looking him right In the eye. A slight shake took over Louis' head, as his eyes starred into mine, before he leaned up, standing on his tiptoes and pressed his lips onto mine.

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