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- Dad's PV

I hesitated before answering my phone as I stared at the unknown number blazed across the screen. My thumb pressed down on the answer button and I placed the phone slowly to my ear. "Hello?"
"Mr styles?" A young mans voice rang through the phone and into my ears. It seemed vaguely familiar yet I couldn't pin point it. My heart sped up for a moment snatching my breath.
"Yes" I stated.
"You may not remember me, but I need to ask a favour in question of your son" the young mans voice said.
My heart fell heavily to my stomach, churning it over and making me feel sick.
"My-" I swallowed down the lump building up in my throat. "My son?"
"Yes, Harry? Harry styles, right?"
My mouth ran dry and my throat closed up. Coughing gently I composed myself and answered the question.
"Yes, yes Harry. I haven't seen him in a while.... Is he okay?"
There was a brief pause followed by mumbling on the other end, in which I frowned slightly.
"Well..... He's in a spot of trouble...."
I swallowed thickly.
A shuffling filled static sound took over and I presumed the phone was being passed over. I was right as another young mans voice spoke to me.
"Mr styles, i am Louis, your son is in prison and only family members can see him. Could you help us out?"

I stood outside the police station, where I was told to meet them. I shouldn't be here, yet I was. I promised I wouldn't have anything to do with him if he turned, if he lost control. But here I was, risking my self because of him.
"Sorry we're late" said a mans voice bringing me out of my circling thoughts.
"It's okay" I stated, breathing in through my teeth, making a hissing sound and wrapping my coats around myself to keep out the chill hanging in the afternoon air.
The one who had spoken I assumed was the first one I heard on the phone, he sounded familiar and now I had a face to match I clocked who he was. "Liam?"
The boy- man, smiled at me weakly, but kind enough. "Hello, long time no see" he spoke coldly, I couldn't blame him but only troubled thoughts spiked my mind as to what he has told and what he hasn't. The slightly shorter lad, who I presumed was louis held out a handful of papers and nodded towards them. Swallowing to dry and dampen my dry throat I took the papers and shuffled through them.
"How do you know this will work?" I questioned, using any excuse to extend the time I had to go into the police station.
"It will, the only way it won't is if you fuck it up" louis stated. If frowned and noticed Liam nudge him warningly, I smirked, he remembers. Louis rolled his eyes, "thank you, once again" he took a much more gentle tone this time and I relaxed a bit, nothing could go wrong.
Together we walked to the entrance, me trying to stifle my shaking hands. Once we reached it, the two boys held back and I made my way in. 4 years. I haven't seen him in 4 years, what if he reacts badly? Maybe he's forgotton? Idiot, how could he forget.
I reached the gates blocking the waiting room and the prison cells. Clearing my throat I shuffled the papers once more and looked toward the officer on duty.
"I would like permission to see my son"
He looked at me, then at the clock, then back to me.
"Who are you?"
"The father of Harry, Harry styles"
"First name?"
"Is that important?" I tried to keep my cool, praying hat the beads of sweat congregating on my forehead wouldn't fall down. The officer huffed and raised a brow before shuffling through some folders. Pulling one out he then proceeded to look through that folder. I glanced at the clock, as if it had any meaning to me.
"He's in psych"
My heart missed a beat, but I look blankly at him, not showing any form of worry.
"You can't see him in there"
"I have these" I stated and passed him the forged letters from the government with permission to see him for 'reasons'.
The officer huffed again and nodded to the women by the gates.


- Liam POV
I watched louis pace up and down, his nail between m teeth and mind clearly working fast.
"What if it doesn't work?" I asked, putting my hands in my pockets and scuffing my shoe along the ground.
"What?" Louis stopped pacing.
"He might not want to see you..." I mumbled. I heard a mocking laugh escape him.
"Why would that be!? He didn't just carve my name into the walls for no reason Liam!"
"I just think-"
"That's the problem, you always think! You think to fucking much"
I sighed and kept my mouth closed. Seeing Harry's dad again made me feel wierd, scared maybe. I remember Harry sitting in my room in the middle of the night terrified, the stories he told me gave me nightmares.
"What?" he snapped.
"I should probably tell you something about Harry's- Mr styles"
"Mr styles" louis mocked "come on, what's his name"
I stopped and thought about it, then shrugged "I don't know, he never told us.... "
Louis frowned, "and, you don't think that's a bit odd?"
"This is why I need to tell you something"

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