It Has Been A While Part 11

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I'll grow to like this swordsman indeed I will.

Change to 3rd point of view (about time.)

       Time just seemed to fly by after the days you've been on the ship in the straw hat crew. So many happy times and so many worry-able times as well. Although everything just got more exciting as the crew grew by two more members who go by Franky the the other is Brook. One is a cyborg and the other is a walking-talking music playing and singing skeleton. By far a wonderful and fun pirate crew. Although by lately you've been worried about a certain straw hat crew member, Zoro. As of lately he's been to choppers office multiple times, now and again Nami or Robin would go with him although you hope it's just because he's gotten closer to Chopper and nothing else. You thought to yourself though that if something was wrong that Chopper would have told anyone if it was serious enough for so many visits, he would most likely freak out. Maybe it was that you were simply worrying too much over a certain someone who had caught your eyes a long time ago, not literally but you know.

   Looking around the Straw Hat crew's ship, which is now the Going Merry, scanning for a chance to forget about earlier thought's there was hesitation yet that thought was ignored when spotting a certain green haired man. The resistance happened to the thoughts of ignoring him yet it was a chance to talk to him once again, seeing as he is almost always doing something. It was just instinct to want to talk to him, it has been a while after all.

    Getting closer towards the swordsman he seemed to notice.

    "Z-" no, hesitation wasn't something you wanted, boldness was what it was. "Zoro. I  would like to talk with you. Is that okay?" It came  out sounding as if it was stuck up or like it was spoken as merely strangers whom know each others names.  It wasn't the way it came out to be yet there is no taking back heard spoken words.

    "Hmm? You don't have to ask you know, weirdo." The three-sword-style swordsman said as a response. The answer was taken as a yes and without the nickname having any affect as he's had his fair share of them as well. The most awarding nickname for him was Moss head, or if being more specific Marimo. The nickname was due to his odd green hair, although it goes to Sanji for thanks as he made up the nickname. In return though Sanji also received a few nicknames in their quarrels. So it went with consequences.

"Umm" What were you going to say exactly? Thoughts ran quickly through the mind to avoid feelings of awkwardness and embarrassment. "Have you been okay lately? We haven't talked lately even though we are on the same crew and ship and all. I just get worried you know." A far off distant look enveloped in your eyes along with a noticeable frown coating over the lips.

   Zoro took note of the distant look and frown making him frown as well. The more he looked at the frown the more of a ting and a Ping happened to his heart. He held his chest as it started to burn, wincing each time it made a thump.

Looking over at Zoro worry started to envelope you. There was worry as if he may have a heart attack or not, or maybe already was. Is this why he was with Chopper lately? Except right now it didn't matter.

"Hang on Zoro. I'll go get Chopper." You rushed towards Chopper who was conveniently in his office, all while ignoring curious crew mates of the panic and rush.

Busting into his office Chopper was startled yet understood when told the situation. The reindeer knew sort of Zoro's predicament yet, couldn't figure it out completely. He was growing weak due to an incident that had happened at an eerie place named Thriller Bark. Even so it shouldn't have had that kind of effect such as this one, he should be almost recovered. Chopper was confused yet was told not to tell anyone, although now the cat is sorta out of the bag now.

After getting Zoro to lay down in Chopper's office the whole crew seemed to worry for him, even Sanji secretly did. They were concerned yet couldn't disturb the two because Chopper strictly said 'no visitors' until Zoro calmed down a little more.

"(Y/N) dear it's time for dinner you know." Sanji actually came to be talking calmly, worried.

"I don't think I'm up to eating now Sanji. I'll be fine with skipping one meal." You said sitting down, in view of Chopper's office.

"It's not wise you know."


Thoughts and emotions effect mentally just as well as physically.

Wrote a Luffy X Usopp Oneshot if anyone is interested in that ship. I've been typing some stories that I hope to publish.
3rd POV any good? I exclude 'you' a lot because I'm not fond of using POV words(?) much.

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