Strange Part 5

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While getting lost in thought I was failed to notice that heavy footprints walked towards me.
Suddenly a cased sword was on my shoulder and a voice that spoke the words "Why are you here?"

I turned around quickly and frighteningly to see eye to eye with a man whom contained a menacing glare in his eyes, ones that look as if they won't give up until they see their goal completed.

An ambiance of thunder and crashing lightening then started abruptly rumbling throughout and above the vast sea.

A storm stirred up out of nowhere but of course it was after all the grand line, a place where weather patterns mean no such thing.

  The swordsman quickly put his sword back on his side and ran towards the sails as one by one the crew members rushed out of their sleeping quarters.

They all were following the orders of Nami.

  All while the winds started getting stronger and stronger and rain suddenly poured from the clouds up above.

I stay startled by the abruptness of it all. By all means inside I dearly wanted to help as well but didn't have the courage to approach it the situation myself since I know that they should be able to get it done by themselves. I just didn't want to intervene or mess anything up in a drastic situation as being on a ship in the middle of nowhere in a storm that couldn't be prepared for ahead of time.


  Several minutes of chaos was calmed when the storm subsided. The crew members sure did break a sweat in all the action while all I accomplished to do was to stand in one spot and somehow not get washed off the boat but did accomplish to get soaking wet.

I felt bad about not helping so as a decision that didn't help about me feeling bad, I decided to just be lazy again and to go sleep in my designated sleeping area. Heading toward there I felt as if I was getting a cold shoulder from a crew mate or two for her hard work of directing the crew members.


Meanwhile whilst (Y/N) was asleep Sanji and Nami were in the kitchen, Sanji fixing her a drink.

"Sanji?" Spoke the orange haired female.

"Yes my dear." He responded whilst turning around bringing the drink, specifically made for her, to her.

"What do you think of the new crew member? She seems cool and all although why would Luffy choose her, there isn't anything too special about her for him to just burst out and ask her. She as well doesn't seem to be one to help much."

  Sanji, trying to not go to his normal swooning attitude, kept a headstrong casual attitude to his response "I think that she's a beautiful lady and with the Luffy situation no one knows knowing him. Although it's peculiar in a way. There isn't anything too special except her beauty but Luffy wouldn't know about that. I can see why he would choose his present crew members from his standpoint though. That idiotic moss head was known for his skills with his swords, Ussop is a ranged sniper, I'm an excellent cook with fighting skills, you are a fantastic navigator, Chopper is a talking reindeer-human doctor, and well I mean Robin asked to join but Luffy most likely had a reason for excepting or not even one. Although everything has been sooth sailing with the crew members. I'd say give her a little more time maybe she'll be more open with us later and maybe after all she'll be more of a crew member to all of us. In the end whether Luffy had any kind of reason or not he's our captain and we do obey whatever kind of complete none sense may come out of his mouth. We can try to change his mind on things but in the end we are his crew members."

"From his standpoint? That must be a frightening thing to have to ever experience. Although maybe it'll all come together one day. Thanks Sanji." She then quickly drinks her drink and gets up to leave.

Sanji, quickly breaks from his once mature and calm attitude his normal swooning one adoring and thanking Nami as she had left the room.


Later in the day when (Y/N) was awakening and everything seemed to be normal once again, the sun shone with it's radiant rays of light and warmth and the crew were acting like a bunch of bafoons.

When it was time for (Y/N) to finally leave her sleeping area from staring at the walls for countless hours on end she quickly changed and went towards the door. When at the door to leave she put her hand on the doorknob but stood there and hesitated to do so. It was due to the odd feeling of staying in the room for half of the day and finally showing presence mixed in with the guilt of earlier and not helping out.

She stood there for minutes building up courage to twist the doorknob to leave. Before she could ever build up the courage to do so someone from the other side started opening the door and she slowly let her hand off of the doorknob and took a few steps backwards of her direction. The door fully opened and the person who opened it was revealed.

'It's strange, how does one get nervous from opening a doorknob. It all depends on wait waits on the other side of it all.'

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