Commotion on deck Part 14

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The swordsman was crazy, it was impossible for a normal human to pick it up, let alone you.

While you thought that you where starting to build up a little muscle with a pair of 'baby' weights next to Zoro, much to his disliking although if you stayed out of the way he could honestly care less, commotion of course was happening down below as per usual. You debated whether to go and see if it was anything important.

You looked at Zoro to see if he had any reaction to it, not that you expected any. Although it so happened he was staring at you, or more specifically, your arm. The one he unintentionally left a scar on a while back.

He saw you turn your head to look at him, so he went back to what he was doing with a normal "tch" sound to go along with it all.

You later decided to see what was the commotion about although, right before going out of sight, you took one more glance back at Zoro. His face looked very strained and down, looking like someone just died and filled with grief.

When climbing down your attention was focused around climbing down the later to not fall down, better safe then sorry they always say. They commotion could've been good or bad, shocking or whatever the case that could trigger losing a grip on the ladder.

  When jumping off the last few steps of the ladder, instead of being patient and stepping down the rest of the way, your foot landed on something kind of squishy, like filled of water. Lo and behold it was the ice pack that chopper gave to you to get rid of any swelling the bruises caused. It's not like it was life threatening or harmful but you'd rather Chopper not find out. He seems like he would freak out over anything sometimes. There wasn't any reason to hide it since it would have melted anyways but just don't mention that it was left there.

   Even though the commotion had left your mind completely, you realised it was still there when looking anywhere besides the ground. Someone unfamiliar was onboard, it was the weirdest thing to ever think would happen. Much to anyone's surprise, you'd assume, there was a mermaid on dry land at that. Even though it technically wasn't 'land' it got the point across. Their was also a talking starfish but a fish human hybrid was much more interesting at the moment. You didn't really have to say anything to catch someone's attention on the ship, even just standing in one spot.

  Luffy had noticed you. He gave a pat on the back, more of a slap, and talked about how cool that their was a mermaid on the ship. It was indeed a miracle, maybe not as extraordinary as that just unbelievable to say the least.

The mermaid's name was later found out to be Camie along with her talking starfish friend named Pappug. They certainly where a strange two, not even explaining in looks you get used to that when you have a talking transforming reindeer, usually half naked cyborg, and a walking talking skeleton, not much in appearances surprises at this point. Their personalities where the interesting part. You couldn't tell how to describe it.

You went to introduce yourself to the mermaid lass, being as casual as you could with Sanji making weird noises in the background. You stick your hand out to establish even more of a friendly greeting, hoping to stay on good terms.

"I realise your name is Camie if I'm correct. If you weren't told my name it is as such." After the 'as such' part you told her your name, of course. She looked at your hand for a second, unsure or shocked, then openly shook it in a a sort of rough way. You also introduced yourself to Pappug, not to leave him out, although you couldn't quite 'shake his hand.'

Camie's friend, who made takoyaki much to Luffy's delight and made him determined to find him, he was revealed to be captured. The place where he was is located near Sabaody, luckily with her weird voodoo mermaid powers the fish could show the crew part of the way there.

You look over at the sound of a thump and notice Zoro just came down from his training room. Luffy mentioned her being a mermaid. Zoro pauses for a second and mentions how it's his first time seeing one, in a not too interested tone.

You tsk, knowing he has seen one before.

The scenes change, as you felt like everything up until know have gone by so fast, and there you find yourself beginning to worry over Zoro as he clinches his chest in the middle of the fight to save Camie's friend. He hasn't fully recovered...

"Once you feel like time has stopped working for you, slowing down for you to wallow in your own disbelief, you seem to forget that time really hasn't changed just the emotions you now feel. Happiness going by so fast you can't catch up and sadness going astronomically slow..."

(This chapter has been long overdue. I apologise greatly even though I promise no release time. I'll try to make it a little quicker in the future,as I tend to say... I also have to re-watch some episodes for sabaody. From now on I'll be putting these messages in the comments unless it's really important.)

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