The encouter at the pirate ship Part 1

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~3rd person view introduction~
(This takes place between the Alabasta and water 7 arc the story will be different as to where you are in it so beware changes in the storyline. Warning for spoilers.)

You're stranded in the middle of the ocean being weak and fragile from hunger and thirst, since it's obvious drinking saltwater is a lost cause. All you could do was wait. maybe a ship would come before the small row boat you were on gave out on you. You were so weak it took too much energy to sit up so lazily you kept down on the bottom of the boat. Closing your eyes you thought "is it possible someone will find me out here? I'm just surprised I haven't already been killed by a sea monster." you closed you eyes and went to sleep.

When you woke up you heard a bunch of loud noises coming from loud mouths themselves. you looked over and noticed that is was a ship, who's ship was it? It seems they noticed you were on the small little row boat and were deciding whether to pick you up or not, although it's not like you look like any kind of threat to them. Since they were pirates they were probably strong enough to be able to hurt any normal person and even other pirates. You weren't any normal person though but, there is a chance they are still stronger than you.

You had a bounty on your head, in fact that's the whole reason your stranded out in the ocean. You were good with random weapons like a frying pan or a hair brush, usually ones that made no sense. Although even if they don't look it they may be stronger than I actually think but, one does look quite strong. The man with green cropped hair and a muscular build.

Aside from that they were still arguing. While still arguing a scrawny boy with a straw hat extended out his arm and picked you up. You weren't all that phased by it although it did surprise you for a second but you calmed down. The boy landed you on the ship's deck and you landed on your butt. you tried getting up but when you were half-way up you fell and passed out.

When you woke up you found yourself laying down with a wet towel over your forehead and a green-haired man next to you, staring you down.

(The next chapter will not be all 3rd person.)

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