Part 18 The Poster

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Down one of the dark allies was one filled to the brim with wanted posters sectioned by crews and such. At that moment you knew you found what was wanted.

"Zoro stay put, if you do I'll buy you some booze." At the mention of his best friend, booze, he dared not move. Though he was sort of curious why you where looking all across the sea of wanted posters.

"Yahoo! Found it! I'm actually a little surprised and a little touched." On the very bottom row, full of low bountied criminals, was your wanted poster that you'd received a while back. You proceeded to grab it for safe keeping as you'd never wanted to see it before and never bothered to keep it.

   "Didn't expect you having a bounty. What'd you do? Misfire a firework at a marine base?" He gained a chuckle thinking of ways to accidentally tick the marines off. He didn't think you could be aggressive.

"Geez I have a past you know." You scoffed at him though couldn't be too upset seeing as it seemed to lighten up his day.

   Not yet done with your mission you pulled out a black marker, from where accessible, and took towards the section with the Straw Hat pirates. Quickly, while Zoro was distracted you proceeded to draw a mustache on his wanted poster.

   "Zoro your wanted poster looks so handsome you know."

   "What's that supposed to mean-oi! Did you just do that!?" Now it was your turn to laugh. Though it soon subsided when Zoro gained a devious smirk.

   "Let me borrow that."

It was only a few minutes until Zoro was done tampering with the crew's wanted posters, all except one. He did not touch Sanji's as he stated he would only make it look better and that was punishment enough.

Poor guy.

"Booze?" Zoro soon questioned as he remembered the deal from earlier.

"Yeah yeah big guy, off we go for some alcohol." And with that you start to go in search with Zoro, close in sight. "Wonder when I'll be recognised as a strawhat to get my poster doodled all over with the rest of the crew."

"Don't know. Marines are pretty dumb." Zoro responded though his mind wasn't too focused on conversation at the moment.

"Your not allowed to put the marker anywhere near my poster until then. You hear?"

"Yeah whatever."

"Which kind do you want- you know... here is the money you choose" you said while the giving him enough money and a little more. He chose what he wanted and got two bags, each with one bottle, and a bottle separately for him to drink at his leisure while walking around.

Right after Zoro paid there sounded a commotion from a little while over, curiously Zoro wandered off towards that direction. There was a big crowd and unfortunately you got deprecated quite easily. You eventually found him though the situation was quite odd and you laid low and only peeked out from an ally. Zoro was walking, sipping his drink while everyone else shied away in the form of keeping their heads hung low.

In a moments notice Zoro did something stupid and asked the man, who was in the middle of it all, if he was lost. He soon shot towards the swordsman though he quickly made a maneuver to slice the bullet, as was normal. A kid tackled him right after though, crying of the loss of her brother.

   'Im sure he didn't get hit. I saw him. Was that man one of the celestial dragons we where supposed to ignore perhaps?'

   When the strange looking man left you took the opportunity to run towards Zoro, bottles in hand. The child from earlier was seemingly replaced with an older girl who was yelling at the idiot. Even when you stood next to him she continued.

"Was that one of those dragon thingies we where supposed to ignore no matter what?" You asked as a question more towards yourself then anyone.

"Yeah of course it was! Who're you? His girlfriend?"
The somewhat cranky pink haired girl responded and asked.

"Hahah nope. More like his babysitter." At the word babysitter Zoro very much so protested, though you ignored him and kept going. "Thank you though, I imagine you saved his rear from a soon disaster."

"Unless you want an admiral summoned I think I did the whole archipelago a favour! Anyways keep him under wraps why don't you, miss babysitter." She ended her statement in a more snarky tone, implying you where an awful babysitter so far.

At this point Zoro had walked off to pick up a man who'd been shot and demanded the nearest hospital. That was your cue to follow after him.

"Just leave him." The girl from earlier demanded. You turned around to give her a response.

"I'm afraid that's not how we work."

You then took after Zoro who was a little ways away, though still in sight.

"Zoro wait up you dork!"


"Sometimes the foolish are the only ones to stand tall and act brave, to save another."

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