Meeting a kind person

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(I looked over outside the doorframe, to where the two were fighting but, they had stopped. Sanji was standing up straight and calmly lit a cigarette that lied on his mouth and between his lips. Looking over just a little I saw 'him' once again as he slid his swords in their sheaths.And yet again, the swordsman was staring straight at me.

Why does he keep staring at me?)

1st person point of view:

I started to drift off as I looked at the swordsman and immediately fell unconscious.

When I awoke I was in the same spot as before but this time the horned creature was asleep in a chair near me. The creature wore a pink hat with a white X in the middle, along with his antlers coming out from it which I found the colour quite fitting for such a cute creature.

I slowly got off of the sofa in which I was asleep on, in fear of waking up the creature. I placed a blanket on the creature that was on me when I woke up. Silently I left the room through a hatch in which I had to walk up a few steps to get to. The room I walked into had items such as rope, lifesavers, and a cannon with a window to shoot out. Putting my hand on the door that most likely led outside, I heard voices and I immediately froze.

My body staid still for minutes and minutes to pass, while my mind told me it did no good to just stand there in fear. I have to face them one way or another.

Finally getting my act together after another few moments I twisted the knob just to be blasted with louder sounds then before. I saw three people running round the ship, two were being chased by another. Looking at one of the ones being chased I recalled something about the straw hat fellow, he saved me, and I made a commitment to stay on the ship.

What a foolish decision it was.

I knew nothing of them, yet I agreed to join there crew out of a favour they did for me. They did it without me asking them so, they even decided to not kill me but to save me. They seemed to differ from most other pirates I've seen, they weren't ruthless. I knew all weren't like most and would kill or make others suffer for there own greed but, what were the chances I'd ever find a crew that I'd so easily trust even if they did save my life. I'm weak at heart and can be stupid as to when I'm asked something the chances are I would see to it though I feel content with following this through. I'll show them what I am is capable of, even if it's just pure clumsiness and luck that occurs most of the time.

I will see to this to be true. My weakness will not be my own embarrassment this time. I will follow my weak hearted commitment to join this crew and not be submitted to an embarrassment fate that would lie ahead with a usual childish decision that my heart makes on its own.

"Ah so you've awaken." Were the very words that startled me and pushed me out of my thoughts. Looking to see who said that, I saw a women with jet black hair a few feet away holding a book.

"It would appear so...umm?" She simply let out a little chuckle and told me her name. She was called Nico Robin, which I assume that I may address her simply as Robin.

Curious to find out more about her I hinted her to tell me a few things about herself, even though she mostly talked about her fascination with either archeology or her lively crew members. Considering she didn't talk too much of herself I didn't ask any questions, she is a pirate after all and all too many have faced ill memories and experiences in there lifetimes.

It seemed very nice to have little small talk with someone so kind, it's been a while since a nice conversation with someone, so long ago I can't remember...

Surprisingly no crew member realized me and Robin chatting, we were quiet but you would've thought someone would've noticed that I had awaken and bombard me with absurd questions.

We talked for about 10 minutes more until we heard someone yell something which I could only understand the words 'Nami' and 'Robin', when suddenly a blond haired man came swirling out of a door holding a trey with sweets placed on it.

Confused I kept my eyes tracked on him whole he swirled in a daze over toward the other female crew member. Then giving her one of the bowls on the trey. He then called out Robin looking for a for a second and laid eyes on her momentarily afterwards and spinning over here toward us as well. Seeming to not notice of my presence there, he gave a Robin a bowl of sweets as he did the other female as well as complimenting her.

The man then realized me staring at his actions and dropped the trey in shock. Which caught some of the other crew mates' attention over in the area of Robin, Sanji as I recall his name being, and I.

Stirring up commotion again, aren't I?

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