Part 21 Base Raider (2/3)

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    "I will help but tell me how long it is from here to the Sabaody Archipelago." The women have a questioning glance and had to think on it.

   "Isn't that the place with the amusement park and constant World Nobles wandering around it?" She questioned back, unsure if that actually was the place.

   "It is. It is also the last stop before the Red Line leading towards the New world."

   "I'm honestly not sure how long it would take, I don't even know how you'd get there from here. It's all the way on the other side."

Of course you then proceeded to ask what exactly she meant by the 'other side' fearing for the possible worst.

    "It's as you said, in the grand line."

   "Look, I don't know where this place is. Believe it or not I was sent flying by some weird bear guy warlord thing. I didn't sail here." She gasped at this, the situation might be worse then originally though.

   "Honey, this is the New World."

   And at that point everything seemed to decline. How would you ever get to Sabaody safely and as soon as possible, after helping of course. You'd need a trustworthy and good navigator for that, casualties were a great high going to Fishmen island. You'd have to travel through it twice and miraculously survive both times.

With that lingering thought you excused yourself and went to sleep for the night, and to wake up with a plan of action.

"Okay so listen up, I might need every bit of information you can give me about these marines. I need to do this quickly." The next day the inn lady, whose name was figured out to be Tsuki, organized a small group of people in the town bar's cellar.

"Well the main cause of this is because of the captain, and his twin brothers. Well... They are a group of triplets but not the point. The captain is called  Feta, the other two siblings Gouda and Colby."

"Wait cheeses?" You stifled a laugh though quickly got back to topic seeing as that wasn't an important train of thought for the moment at hand.

"Anyways, the captain is what they'd call a haki user, a tough enemy to beat."

"Yeah, the flip is that? No short cutting it I need to know anything and all."

A different person lightly explained the different types of haki's and their abilities as good as they could, having to call help from one or two others on certain things. Their explanations still left a few loopholes but it was the best they could do with the knowledge known.

The captain was in possession of a haki called armament haki, though to their knowledge that's all they knew he had. The other two sibling both knew observation haki. From their descriptions, this was not going to be an easy task. The two non captains could easily sense you then when sensed the captain could beat you to a pulp.

Hopefully it won't take that long, if it's possible.

"Is that everything?" You asked, thinking of anything else possible to ask them. "Wait where even is this military base? I've barely explored the island."

The marine base was located on the south eastern most side of the island. The town itself stretched from the south to the north on the western side. It was also mentioned the other part of the island that wasn't populated by people was the forest, the hunting grounds which was where you landed.

"I heard from Tsuki that you were... flown and landed on the island?" This coming from an elderly man, Tsuki's father in fact, named Rikuto.

"More like tossed and crash landed but yes. Devil fruit powers, thanks to one of the warlords."

    "I'm surprised no one realized or heard." He was speaking about the marines.

    "Or they already know." A man and a women stood from the entrance wearing marine uniforms but seemed not to be hostile.

    "Who are they?" You asked Tsuki as she had a knowing look.

    "Page and Bark, two of our marine insiders."

   The two of them were on the townspeople's side, even being marines themselves, they disagreed with their actions. The two of them noted that they were waiting for an opportunity to strike, unable to themselves. They even have three others in league with them, willing to help overthrow the marine base.

   "This might take longer then I hope." You mumbled though a few others heard. "This sounds a lot tougher then the rookies I've previously fought. I'll do it though."

You retired for the night after the long discussion that took hours. You were restless too. Thinking about the plan and the split up crew.

Silently you apologized to Luffy, knowing this would take a few months to execute. After all it was a bad habit of yours that got you in both of the messes at hand.

In the midst of thinking about everything, you began thinking about the crew. Thinking about possibly having lost a crew member during the situation made you then begin thinking of when two of them were almost lost as they declared to leave the crew in the chaos of Water 7.

Thinking about that one crew member that stuck out a bit more as well.

    "In the midst of thinking and planning it's as if those most prominent in one person's life will always surface again whether it be for the best or worst."

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