Part 20 Base Raider (1/3)

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    The sky was dark, lighting up with the help of the moon and the scattered stars that twinkled.

   It was night.

   It was dark.

   There was light.

   In the sky.

   Off in the distance...

    You headed there, slowly walking towards the distance lights that could be seen. You noticed that silly bottle was still in your grasp, you never once let go of it. It was so far the only thing that reminded you of the crew besides a small vivre card from Rayleigh, the pirate king's right hand man, after the whole auction house deal. It was the something that connected you your friends, the deal was off though. There was no way to meet in three days, however many had already passed you didn't even know.

You woke up in the middle of a small forest with likely a village nearby seeing by the amount of light in the distance.

After much struggle, it indeed was a town. It was a decent sized one, not too small or too large. People roamed the streets, in a square and more open part of the streets was a group of kids playing some sort of game. There seemed to be adults watching them from a small distance away, not too close but close enough they were still in site.

You went up the group group of kids with a slight limp and hoping you wouldn't scare them off by being covered in dirt and looking like an absolute mess.

"Could one of you maybe direct me to an inn?" A few of the kids shook their heads as they didn't know. One directed you towards there parent to ask though.

"Why yes. There is an inn on the left if you keep going straight." The person seemed nice, even pointed in said direction. You thanked them and went on the way.


   The inn was, to say, an inn. Nothing quite spectacular about it. Inside was a larger lady behind the counter with a polka dotted apron.

    "You need a room?" The woman asked. Though it was an inn, you could never be too sure as to what someone who walks in wanted.

   "Probably, what is your prices?" You got to the counter, leaning on it for support. "They do come with a bath too, right?" You jokingly asked.

   The price wasn't too bad, just about typical for a place such as this. The woman left into the back room to check the available rooms, leaving time for you to observe.

   Nothing was of interest until you came across a paper on the wall, it was a bounty poster with a girl on it.

It was you.

The counter women came back while you still stared at the poster, somewhat fearful and also curious.

"Wait... Are you (Y/N) the base raider?" She paused getting a closer looked, only making a connection because of the curiosity you held towards the poster. "You are! The room is on the house tonight, as long as you want to stay actually."

She new of you and you've never seen her before. Certainly a free room wasn't to complain about but it's odd. Why is your poster there?

"Why is that?

   "We can talk later on that but go to your room and take a nice bath and relax. It's a little late but I can still warm you up some food when your done." She seemed super excited and happy about the idea, at this point you couldn't deny the offers. Though you wouldn't join her crew, or in this case work for her, as in Luffy's situation. You'd probably help her in return somehow, though once you recovered, the landing wasn't pleasant, you needed to regroup with the others.

After getting cleaned up you headed back downstairs, in which the inn lady was happily waiting with a warm bowl of soup. Due to your clothes being awfully filthy, you wore a robe that was provided and it was of an acceptable length.

   She quickly took note that you had no other clothes, she ran off to get some. Her generosity was making you genuinely curious about the poster.

  She came back with clothes and sat at the table, ready to explain.

   "I'm assuming you'll tell me now?" You stared at the women curiously.

    "You are really Base Raider (Y/N), right?"

   You answered yes.

    "You see you are this town's hope." Fully you became interested in what she was saying. "From your title, sitings, and actions along the grand line we hoped maybe one day that you would arrive in this village, and save us. The marines... They've cause issues."

    It all made sense now. They were hoping that you'd destroy the base. Now destroying bases wasn't really your specialty, it was more stealing things back and giving them to the owners and occasionally scaring them off or straightening them up.

    "How bad is it?"

   "They've stolen money from everyone in their name of 'justice.'" She took a moment to think. "Well they've stolen a lot besides money. They put fear in all of us, executing anyone they see unfit. The town is pretty sure a few of their men have slaves. They've even taken over some of the townspeople's houses. They even occasionally fire cannons and fireworks directly in the town just it cause trouble."

   This was it. This was how you'd repay her for her kindness. You'd save the whole town from the corrupted marine base, then go back to Luffy and the others. They needed you.

"Step up, take a chance. You'll eventually reach the top or be higher then ever before."

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