Having a chat Part 7

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If only there was a way to read his mind...Then slowly without realization of it all underneath the peace of the stars I fell asleep, for my eyes then to gaze upon the day sky.

Already bright and early and the crew is already up and awake for the day eating their morning meals. The only reason I was awake is because I woke up to him and his loud voice pleading for food while poor Sanji has to deal with him and cook giant meals just to suffice his captain. He may give me the creeps but he does cook for a long time each day which I feel quite sorry for but, at the same time it looks like he enjoys it in the end. He must really have a ginormous passion for cooking if he's willing to put up with Luffy's apatite.

I joined them for breakfast at the dining table but just stayed seated there to only drink a glass/mug of (Any kind of drink) and also being wrapped in a blanket to get a little more heat. Although it's weird where I found the blanket at. When I woke up it was laid on me the real mystery wasn't why, it was whom put it on me. I wanted to thank whomever did it but I also didn't want to ask who did it in case they were uncomfortable with me knowing and I decide to just leave it be.

Sanji multiple times tried to get me to eat something he told me he'd make me anything I wanted although I simply wasn't in the mood to way this early in the morning. The adorable doctor was even worried and told me I needed to at least eat a small snack before lunchtime came. I told him not to worry and that I would, he seem to be satisfied with my answer and went on to go and do something else.

When finished with my drunk and after thanking Sanji, I was on my way outside to look for Nami, while having the blanket tied at my neck to look sort of like a cape but it could still keep my arms warm if a cool breeze pasted.

  I found Nami in the girls room of the ship counting and organizing some of her clothes.

"Hello there Nami." I greeted all chipper like even though it was still morning time.

  After I had said hello she seemed a little surprised and turned to look at me.

"Oh what is is (Y/N)?"

"I was wondering if maybe you had any plain cheap paper and an ink tool?" She seemed to give me a strange look, as if I were crazy and let out a short laugh afterwords.

  "An ink tool is a strange way of putting it but yes I have some paper and 'ink tools' you may use." She said mockingly then lead me to where she had the paper.

  On her desk there was multiple large pieces of paper which were her material for making charts of the islands that they visited. Among the many maps of islands there was one that showed the grand line.

While she was gathering the paper I had told her that I didn't want to be noisy but that I saw the grand line chart she made and that I found it to be fantastic and astonishing. She then thanked me as she handed the supplies.

"What will you do with this anyways?" She asked in a curious manner.

"Ahh about that I was wanted to draw a little yah know."

  "You can keep it all only if I can see what you end up with okay and only then is when I won't charge you." She told me in a devils voice and making an 'okay' sign at the end of her sentence. I sighed at her sentence and complied with her deal even if I'm mostly not okay with showing people what I draw, although feedback is always appreciated in the end. Another reason I complied was that I had no money do I mean, life.

Walking outside I found the perfect spot that I wanted to start sketching at which was up the stairs on the outside of the ship.

While sketching with the ink tool someone started walking towards me, grabbing my attention and made me stop moving my hands and moving my head to see whom it was. To my surprise it was none other than the staring swordsman with his bright green cropped hair. He then sat down a few feet from me with his back against the the rails of the ship.

"Is there something you wanted swordsman? I've been meaning to ask why've you been looking at me so much like I'm your next victim or your prey."

"Just making sure you are of no threat, you know so that you won't try to harm anyone of the crew." He said while relaxing and getting more comfortable where he sat.

"Hmm then have you made your conclusion, it's rather unsettling with you looking at me all the time."

"Yah that you're weird." He said in a cocky tone while keeping a semi-straight face with only a small hint of a devious grin.

  In a moments notice I was about to bust out in a fit of anger until I realized that yes, I am weird and that I must embrace my difference even if it still ticked me off.

  In response to him I told him thank you in an unnaturally nice way making him a little confused. I went back to doing what I was doing before with my ink tool and paper and continued even with him being close by.

  Minutes passed and he's been silent this whole time which peaked my curiosity if he just seemingly walked off without me noticing or not so I decided to look and see for myself. I then found out he was still there yet silently sleeping until I heard him starting to snore. Being nice I took off the blanket that was still on me from a while back and laid it on top of him while tying it around the back of his neck to ensure it wouldn't fly off while the ship was sailing.

  Done with my work at hand it was time for me to show Nami before I wound up having to pay her money for the supplies.

  'Life can just as easily bring you down as it does go past. Whether you are asleep or awake does not change matters.'

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