Part 19 Fight

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Zoro handed over the man to the hospital and now some thugs were trying to give him directions, of course he took them. Honestly with how bad he's acted today you shouldn't have given him the luxury of following those directions but you undoubtably did, not once budding in to tell him the both of you were going in some random direction. He ended up in grove 13 from grove 2, if this happened much longer you were going to give up letting the man keep his pride and kick him in the right direction.

   The men from earlier, the ones with probably the correct directions, were walking around looking relieved until they saw Zoro.

   "You gave me false directions!" They of course denied it even after they were beaten to a pulp.

   He was likely going to fight them again until Luffy came screaming from the sky, unexpected but not surprising. He screamed for Zoro, likely not noticing you. His arm stretched, you knew exactly what that meant and quickly latched onto the swordsman torso, best you could with a bag of bottles still not chugged by Zoro.

   Luffy did the expected and pulled Zoro and, likely unknowingly, you onto a flying fish he sat on. His face was extremely monotonous, almost suspiciously as he knew what he did was liable to anger someone. Zoro just mumbled something about killing the captain, everything was actually pretty normal.

   "Luffy, what's the rush?" Luffy screamed, he really didn't know you were there.

   "Would you stop with this nonsense already! I'm trying to drive!" The man steering the fish yelled at the strawhat wearing boy, very reasonably so at that.

   "Don't scare me like that! How'd you even get here?!"

  "Clung to Zoro...who is almost unconscious." You wiggled your way around and sat on the swordsman, really not caring what he thought as you already had to deal with him for the day. Luckily the bottles weren't broke, somehow.

   "Well whatever but Camie has been kidnapped and we are going to go and save her!"

  Oh, that perfectly explained the rush.

   "Women get off of me." The swordsman snarled at you as you complied but there wasn't really enough room for two people. You ended up having to awkwardly have your butt sit sideways on the seat, and legs having to drape over his as there wasn't enough room for you to sit normally.

He still huffed about it but was definitely more content this way.

"Want some booze?" You weirdly offered one of the bottles.

"Yeah could definitely go for some right now." He took the offered bottle and no sooner started to guzzle it down.

   You soon ruffled the swordsman's hair, which proved weirdly difficult as the air blew do to impact of flying through it. He immediately stopped drinking from the bottle only to give you a confused look.

   "I like your hair okay, no need to look as if I did something stupid like Luffy would." The captain heard the comment and just laughed at it, probably proud of being somewhat stupid.

  The swordsman let out a huff at your words, though behind the bottle that he once again started to drink from, he lightly smiled.

  You were still going to prod and poke jokes at it though, it's just a must thing to do and an easy target to hit.

Later, after arriving at the auction house which was to say inhumane and uncouth, battles still continued. On your way up to this point you weren't of much use, occasionally picking up stray marine's swords and throwing it with as much brute force as you had at a heed of enemies. Right now there was an admiral present, and some large bear creature thing. The admiral was admiral Kizaru, a man who controlled light as if it was a laser. None of the Strawhats could fend of this man as attacks fazed through him do to his devil fruit abilities. The crew had no seastone gear to fight, Zoro was pinned down underneath said man and likely barely alive because of his injuries, the healing and the new. You even still clung to the last bottle of Zoro's alcohol, hoping maybe it would help as everything bad was happening. Everyone was ordered to run and regroup in three days.

You ran, ran even ahead of the group you were in. You hid behind a tree, seeing as anywhere else would have been immediate capture, the archipelago was surrounded by every angle.

Slowly, one by one the crew disappeared by the bear man Kuma, a warlord. You didn't have the guts to fight for your friends, too honoured of the captain's orders and knowing your incapability to properly fight at the moment, or ever before. Weak enemies and sneaky tactics, yes. Strong people especially one on one, no. Each crew member, regardless of person or situation, hit harder with every passing moment. This even included the monster Chopper turned into. Luffy was last, perhaps this one was the hardest to watch. He was miserable, broken down on the ground into tears of regret and weakness, and of the sorrowful mystery of his friend's conditions.

He sent him away to...

The man remembered someone else being with the crew, he turned around exactly towards your direction.

"Base Raider (Y/N), One million berries. A low key threat but high potential to become more dangerous." He knew, unfortunate for you to say the least. "I don't have you as a Strawhat pirate, are you affiliated with them? If so, you're my next target."

In times before you could always make fun of people who paralysed out of fear, now you understood. You shook from fear and sorrow, tears a mess and bottle held close. Everything urged you to move but nothing could, everything froze in the face of fear itself.

   He walked towards you, his hand raising slowly but surely. He was going to get you no matter what, if you ran or wasn't a Strawhat pirate.

   "I-I-I am a Strawhat pirate...and proud to be one!" It wasn't going to matter, in the end he touched you with the pawed hand. You spoke your mind though, if it was the last moment of your life you at the very least wanted to be remembered as such. Maybe not when you first joined but, now, the crew meant everything to you.

"Fear stems from many things; unknowing, knowing, overpowered, pain, death, even something unlikely as living itself. The only for sure thing about it is that some cower in fear, others run from their fears, and the small few left over fight their fears head on."

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