Part 22 Water 7 and Enies Lobby

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    (Italics means, in this case, present time. Which can mean a small thought process or speech. Until later in the chapter.)

   A little ways back in your journey with the Stawhat pirates, the crew arrived at a place called Water 7. It wasn't too long after you joined the crew, so you were still not comfortable with everyone as of yet. You decided to stay back on the Going Merry to take inventory of your clothes and such, to find out exactly what you needed to buy with the allowance given by Nami. Originally you joined with nothing but, on the last island you were able to buy a few clothes but not quite enough. You also stayed back to exercise a little, a little few runs around the ship just to keep up stamina in cases of emergencies.

   It was a little awkward though, Zoro was on the ship too. He was sleeping so it was slightly better.

   While in the girl's room you heard racket worriedly, or more so curiously, you went to see what it was. When you got there, everything seemed normal.

   "Zoro what was that noise?"

   "Hmm oh. Just a pesky fly." 

   You weren't sure if you entirely believed that or not but it seems Zoro handled whatever it was.

Not too much later the same thing happened again but the noise wasn't as much. You could tell it was Zoro yelling. Once again you went to see and it was a dude with a rectangular prism for a nose. He quickly took note of your presence.

"I'm sorry madam but I'm just here to quickly check and inspect the damages on the ship to be fixed. I'll be gone in no time at all." You slightly nodded at the man and went to talk to the grumbling swordsman who really just wanted to sleep.

   "I'm sure you'll get sleep eventually swordsman." You turned to look at Zoro's scowling face.

    "Yeah, the day I'm not a pirate maybe." He grumbled thinking he'll never get sleep when on the crew and was probably right. There was always something going on.

Even through all of the trouble that happened Zoro kept coming to mind.

     Later in time it felt as if the crew was falling apart. Usopp got into a fight with Luffy over the ship that was beyond repair and Robin was missing, ran off due to some accord or another. You even had to watch the whole scene with Usopp go down, Luffy got injured but Usopp was way worse then The captain. It was hard to witness yet you knew, it wasn't your place to interfere in either's affairs.

    Later the crew, you included, found out about Robin's situation. Which lead to getting to the fight at Enies Lobby. Usopp had joined back up, well sort of as he was in a 'disguise' of sorts.

    "No, no. It was Sniper King(Sogeking) not Usopp." You giggled thinking upon that fact.

   In the whole ordeal you helped Nami fight Kalifa, in which the navigator was completely against the idea of help and also completely with the idea. She tried to hand off the whole job to you but all in all your attacks weren't too good against her powers and Nami had to do almost all of the fighting. She pulled it off too.

   Other crazy things happened too but, in the end, Robin came back. The Merry was laid out to rest upon the ocean floor. Usopp joined back at the last second, and Franky joined not too long before.

   Thinking about Usopp joining again brought you back to a particular scene with the green haired swordsman saying that Usopp isn't allowed back unless he apologises. His sudden authoritative attitude certainly made sense, in the brash way it was presented. It scared you a little to think about it, more for the fact that every word he spoke were absolute and in the right.

    "Zoro... You're right. This isn't a game. I should have realised it sooner. I should have realised it when you said it, not now."


   A few days passed on the island and plans were getting more and more in depth, especially with the help of the two marines that sided with the town. This gave you information as in the fighting styles of the higher ups, a map of the base, stations and shifts the soldiers would take, even the spots they searched and protected the most. The plan was coming along nicely though you also had to take the chance to spar and train with said marines Page and Bark, when they were available that is. It took them time to adjust to the fighting style you've attained, doing weird things such as choking Bark with a purse strap or even throwing a pickle at him. Though sadly the pickle missed and knocked out an innocent bystander.

    You mostly fought Bark, especially saving the weirdest attacks for him, mostly for the fact he was fun to torment. His personality was similar to Zoro's but also not seeing as he shares a lot of personality quirks with Luffy and even some of Franky. He was a laid back man and sort of grumpy until he hit a certain mood, typically later in the day, and acted a lot like Luffy. The part that seemed to be Franky like was his infatuation to dance in rhythm and curiosity with small gadgets and things he didn't understand how they worked. He wasn't the smartest in figuring out how things worked so he was fascinated a lot, even just by how the bath's water is drawn.

   Later, in another meeting with the group, the old man Rikuto, was staying awfully silent in the corner reading a newspaper.

"Did you have any input?" You asked the man who quickly looked up from the newspaper.

"Ahh... Well this paper was just catching my interest." He flipped the newspaper around, revealing its contents.

It was about Ace.

"The blood of your enemies rain down upon and everyone cheers. The blood of your ally falls and the only thing that seems to chime is the rhythm of fallen tears. Though who is it to say at the blood of your enemy someone wasn't feeling the same as you did with the blood of your ally? Bloodshed with always be bloodshed regardless of the owner."

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