Hair Part 10

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Zoro... sure received hell from Sanji for cutting my arm and making me cry. I would have tried to intervene but, they wouldn't stop to listen even if I had tried.

Still in 'the doctor's quarters', Chopper and I had talked since we really hadn't beforehand. Things happened such as me finally asking what he was although, in the kindest way possible. He seemed happy that I did not call him a raccoon dog but, I would never have thought to even call him that in the first place. I found out that in fact he was a reindeer, whom ate the human-human devil fruit. It was quite interesting, it explains why he was able to talk 'human language'. Afterwards we went into a long discussion of the medical field about herbs and what they can do and just about most of the stuff he knew about, he even told me a little about his special devil fruit enhancement for him which were called 'rumble balls'.

I'm glad at least that he doesn't think of me as a scary person, glad we can talk normally to each other even if it is mostly about medicine. Maybe there can be some kind of benefit to know more about medicine.


   A few hours later it was starting to get late and all I felt like doing was staring into the seemingly never ending body of water as waves crashed against the ship. I don't know how long I stared at the body of water, all I knew next thing I knew it was time for food. Considering Sanji's food was amazing the water can wait to be stared at more by me, Sanji's food is the best. Who on earth can have such cooking skills that can even compare to his.

    "Better hurry before Luffy eats your meal, (Y/N)." Nami told me looking towards me gesturing for me to sit down as I walked inside of where we ate. I sat down as needed and ate the once again delicious meal. I'm glad I don't have to pay big money for such a fine meal. Although the whole time I ate Zoro kept glancing towards my direction, at least he wasn't staring anymore I guess. At least I don't get the same uneasy feeling when he just glances at me, maybe he just wants something.

   Once everyone was done eating the swordsman beckoned for us to talk alone, so knowing he wasn't a bad person I accepted and  followed him towards the back of the ship where no one was around.

   We stood in awkward silence for minutes on end it felt like although when I started to pretend his hair was a bush and began to trim it he spoke up.

    "What are you doing?" He said in pure question.

   "Just playing with your flourishing and vibrant green hair in my mind." He then just stared at my hair most likely trying to say something about it. "Trying to think of something for my (Hair Colour) hair?" A giggle escaped my lips." Anywho what did you need to talk about Zoro?"

   He looked a little ticked off at the comment but dismissed it only to come back in a caring yet aggravated tone.

"Is your arm better? You know the one I cut.." It was shocking for him to ask although very thoughtful as well.

   "Yes Zoro, it'll only leave a small scar, my arm is in working condition still." Told while reaching and patting his fascinating green hair, he seemed to be ticked off at that action as well. Why so aggravated over such little things Zoro? Although with his reaction it was hard not to giggle at the sight and embrace who the swordsman really is, I guess everyone has their 'bad habits', eh? He is a hilarious guy nonetheless.

I'll grow to like this swordsman indeed I will.

Sometimes it's hard to express what we actually mean and what we say can be taken in a much different manner although, with the right person they can except that fact and understand what they actually mean.

Author's note:
Man I really don't like these Author notes but the chapter was shorter and late I'm sorry. Also I feel like I should change the point of view to 3rd person because it doesn't actually feel like a reader insert. Also I have an idea that I don't know if you guys'll like but I may do it anyways which would mainly be skipping actual events as in they happened and the other crew mates join but it won't be typed sort of thing. Just if you would I'd like and appreciate your opinion on it.

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