Laughter and a Feeling of Acceptance Part 4

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The man then realized me staring at his actions and dropped the trey in shock. Which caught some of the other crew mates' attention over in the area of Robin, Sanji as I recall his name being, and I.

Stirring up commotion again, aren't I?

  Crew members attentions quickly turned towards me instead of the general area. Realizing I had awaken one or two shouted something along the lines of "I see now that you're awake!"

The captain, Luffy, plunged himself at me using his devil fruit powers and was right in front of my in the matter of a second. With a huge and childish grin he was soon picking me up off of the ship's wooden deck and and was going around in circles even when I was trying to lightly kick him multiple times.

He was shouting nonsense and me telling me I was an interesting person most likely because after I have up trying to kick him there was a hint of laughter escaping me. Laughing at how fun it was to actually spin around in the air by some childish captain.

Up until I started laughing the crew members looked as if they were either to punch Luffy in the face or were laughing at my struggle.

After a few minutes of spinning around boredom overwhelmed me and in a monotone voice and asked if he would kindly put me down. He seemed upset and then bored but, within seconds he was already off to do something else. The rest of the crew members just stared at him and sighed, most likely because it's a common and weird thing he does.

Trying to recover from some dizziness that happened because of Luffy, I say down slowly on the deck of the ship holding my head and laughed my but off... Surprisingly that was one of the most fun things I've done in a very long time, something so little.

In concern two people walked over towards me. I couldn't really tell who they were because my eyes were tearing up from all of the laughter.

After a while of my laughter fit I found out who the two were, they were a female named Nami and an odd male with a long nose who's name is Ussop.

We talked for a while about me and about them back and forth. During the conversation multiple times did Luffy or Sanji came over with us, Sanji just to flirt and Luffy just for random reasons usually trying to lead me away to go do something but I was content for the moment and stayed while Nami shooed him off and Ussop went to join.


"Yes, (Y/N)? What is it?"

"Why did Luffy even mention me joining the crew, I did nothing to spark an interest when he saved me. It was even an accident I even said I'd join, it was just to return the favour but, I think I'm actually enjoying myself here." I answer back while looking at Luffy, Ussop, and who woke up not too long ago The doctor, named Chopper."

"Well, (Y/N), you're answer is almost as good as mine. Who just chooses as he pleases, I do not really know myself. He must just see something in them even know how ridiculous and untrue it looks and appears to be. It's just the Straw Hat Crew, full of idiots and some of the best idiots you'll ever meet." She calmly answered while occasionally giggling at moments.

"I see then."
It was getting late in the night as everyone had already eaten and most were asleep, I was given a place to sleep as well but I decided not to go to sleep just yet.

The night sky was just too beautiful to not gaze at for the night with the breeze that came along with it.

It has been a long time since over had a good laugh and have to not worry about gazing at the stars and getting attacked, it's just peaceful and nice. After all the violence and death it's nice to not have to worry, isn't it?

While getting lost in thought I was failed to notice that heavy footprints walked towards me.

Suddenly a cased sword was on my shoulder and a voice that spoke the words "Why are you here?"

[ I wanted this longer but I felt I wanted to update soon so I left it as a cliffhanger, which I mean it's easy to tell who it is but I mean... Why not?]

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