Part 13

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The next big step for the crew is now the upcoming island ahead. The last stop before the notorious New world. Sabaody.

(My typing got a little 'carried away' you may say. Sorry if it's rude. It just got too good to me.)

   Vicious spouts of water hailed from the waters below, bursting to the skies above, going every which way. It was what was told to you from the others at least.

Taking what was a peaceful nap inside of the girls' room the event had occurred. The ship didn't quite sway side to side. Instead much to a surprise it suddenly took a leap in the air. Brutally awakening you from a deep slumber. Wrapped up in a burrito like form didn't help when being vulnerable and having a face full of ceiling as the ship faced gravity and fell down back to the ocean. Just as quickly the ship hit the ocean again, making you fall right back down but, to no luck, the fall down was not on a bed.

  Getting out of the burrito wrap quickly, or could've been considered a cocoon one, found it's struggles. It took a minute or two to get out of, a minute or two too long. Right when being untangled from the blanket enclosure the ship had suddenly tilted towards a side, due to quick instincts you took back hold of the blanket to at least cushion from some of the force of hitting the wall in the room.

   You stayed put there for a minute to take a few big breaths of air and wait for the ship to be level once again. All knowing that in the end, you wouldn't being to get a stable footing.

When the ship took it's calm sail once again, you didn't hesitate to run out towards, then onto, the deck.

  Outside on the deck, noticeably there was a joyful giggle from none other then the jolly captain himself. He always finds something to enjoy and laugh about, it's probably a good trait to have as a person.

   Chopper, with his doctor instincts, took quick notice that something was wrong.  Face and arms red, soon to be bruises in the following day or two, as well as blood trickled from your nostrils. Unknown to him yet why but, in reality, it was because of a head on collision with a ceiling that is most likely was barely ever touched.

  Chopper soon preceded to ask questions. You had to first procede to tend to his qualms about an intruder on the ship. Secondly after he prepared ice for the injured spots, along with tending to the bloody nose situation, you had told him what had happened although vary vaguely.

You were being clumsy.

  It's probably best to keep it to a low to hide that weird tiny and odd thing of dignity in you. The doctor didn't fully believe you but knew of some truth in it. He preceded to say that you should work on that situation of being clumsy although that he isn't much of one to talk. Seeing as he can be clumsy himself.

   Luffy, Robin, and Brook later are gone in search for the next island, although the log pose is pointing directly downwards. That's why the three of them are searching in the submarine. The three were off for while, while the rest were on board, although Zoro wasn't in sight.

Going up to Chopper, since he is the one who told the crew to keep an eye on the swordsman, you ask where the swordsman was. He freaked out a little at first because he noticed no one was keeping an eye on him.

"He is probably training in the usual spot, please go and keep a watch on him." He said in more of a question form then anything. As if you'd deny the request of the reindeer, the ships doctor, the one that holds your life in their hands if in such a situation. On the plus side he is adorable and nice, as well as the request being reasonable.

"So I have to watch that dork?" You responded, being honest in your name calling.

"I don't know if 'dork' would be the appropriate term but, yes." Chopper then laughed nervously, not sure of what else to say.

You giggled, just a little at his response. You said 'sure' as you have no real reason to deny. It wasn't that much of a hassle considering there wasn't much to do anyhow. Now it was time to actually do something, besides being tossed around the ship. Time to clime to the crows nest. Oh dear, it's effort.

Climbing the ladder you noticed the giant red wall in front of the ship. You wonder if it's been there the whole time or you weren't paying any attention. You thought you were going delusional for not noticing it although, it wouldn't be much of a surprise.

Getting into the crows nest where Zoro trains, you pop your head in just a little, to be met with the gaze of the man in question. Terrifying. It's a good thing he realised it was a crew mate or he could easily smash someone's head in with those devastatingly heavy weights.

"Chopper sent you didn't he?" He said momentarily as he starts to train with his weights more.

You nodded your head in response as he took a quick glance at you to see if you were going to talk.

He didn't do much else except train with his weights more, while you were watching him he kept silent. Figuring that nothing else was going to happen you stared at him curiously, studying his expression. His face held a harsh expression, as if he was sort of aggravated over something. Worried that it was because of you, you decided to not stare at him as it probably felt awkward.

Even more time had passed by in silence, surprisingly, Zoro was still in good shape. All except his strained expression that didn't go away.

"Zoro." You said nervously although it had received attention by him. "I wanted to say something. That day you saved me from a cannonball collision, I realised that I should get stronger. Similar to what you're doing. Even know your strength is unbelievable, you keep getting even stronger. I'm not saying that I was weak because I needed to be saved but, more that I realised how strong you and everyone else are. I feel like maybe I could save someone too, you know?"
You looked back up at him, not necessarily expecting a response because this is Zoro we are speaking about.
Although he stopped, stopped doing his weights. The swordsman walked over towards you, his weight in hand.

  He stopped in front of you and dropped the giant weight down, his face held a giant smirk.

   "If you're going to ramble on about getting stronger, start now." The swordsman was crazy, it was impossible for a normal human to pick it up, let alone you.

  Strength can't be labeled in measurements. There is just too many components that make a good strength, it differs from person to person.


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