The look from his eyes Part 6

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She stood there for minutes building up courage to twist the doorknob to leave. Before she could ever build up the courage to do so someone from the other side started opening the door and she slowly let her hand off of the doorknob and took a few steps backwards of her direction. The door fully opened and the person who opened it was revealed.

Before I knew it my eyes stared into someone else's, it was Robin. She gave a little bit of a surprised look at me then started to giggle at the expression I was making which apparently was a funny one somehow.

"Hello Robin what did you need, you sort of startled me." I said in a combination of nervousness and embarrassment, from being startled from her opening the door and her giggling at my facial expression. Literally all that has happened in a few seconds.

"Just wondering if you'd join us for lunch as you didn't join for the morning meal."

After hearing her response I regained my posture as if nothing prior had happened.

"Honestly when I awoke I thought someone would have woken me up earlier, although am glad because I needed the rest. I feel like my mind needed a long rest."

"Oh, good. I thought that you would need more rest so I mentioned that they should let you rest."

I gave a light hearted smile while telling her my thanks. I then mentioned that I was ready to have lunch as I was apparently starving. She just gave me her adorable giggle and smiled asking although saying that why we weren't already going as of now if I was that hungry.

I simply nodded and told her "Yah, let's go."

Eating with the rest of the crew was an indescribable time to ever experience. People would discuss anywhere from a so called serious topic to a completely ridiculous one and you had to fend off Luffy from your plate, if you weren't watching he'd almost undoubtedly snatch the food from the plate in no time and once he grabbed it there was no getting it back considering it almost immediately goes into his mouth. Not to mention his mouth is connecting to a seemingly bottomless pit, he could probably eat out a whole factory in no time at all.

  Although there was one easily describable thing about the whole feeling of eating with them was unease. Almost the whole time the swordsman kept his gaze upon me, if I knew why he kept looking at me so much maybe it'd be a completely different story. He may just be curious about who I am, maybe he is waiting for an opportunity to throw me over board the ship, or he might even be suspicious of me an is watching my every action. If I recall correctly he's been giving me the same emotionless look ever since I've been aboard this here ship. He sure is a strange one. I'll have to have a chat with him if I ever build up the courage to, I mean with the staring he's been doing it doesn't help for me actually talking to him, he's creeping me out a little after all and making me feel somewhat uneasy.

  After lunch everything felt as if time just flew bye until after people started going to there sleeping places and I asked Robin if she'd be okay with us chatting on the deck of the ship before she prepared for sleep. Simply she agreed and we did just so.

"What did you need to talk with me about (Y/N)?"

Inhaling a deep breath I thought about what exactly I was going to say, I knew what I wanted it to be but how I addressed it was another story. Without wanting to keep an awkward silence between us I decided to say whatever came to my mind about the subject first.

  "Robin, the swordsman, do you know why he'd always be looking at me? Ever since I boarded the ship it's been like this."

"It's hard to say with him. I've only recently joined the crew and have been getting many threats from him although he hasn't sent any threats to your way to my knowledge if that helps any."

She told everything she knew which was good enough to me, although it does concern me a little how she can mention receiving threats from someone in such a calm way. It's better to not question, I assume she's had a rough time from what I can only assume from how she sort of talked only about the crew and not much of herself when we first talked with each other. Nonetheless I already feel like she's a good friend without me even knowing her for very long.

The conversation she and I had was very short but it was all I needed. When it was over she left and headed for bed where she could then sleep. I on the other hand didn't head off to bed. I decided to stay and gaze at the stars once again since it was a clear and beautiful night to stare endlessly upon the stars.

When staring at the stars thoughts of the swordsman came to mind. Was what his thoughts of me good or bad? Does he want to secretly murder me or maybe he just doesn't know what to say. When we first met he barely even said a word to me at all. He's such a mysterious person for my curiosity that wants to more about him and who he is. If only there was a way to read his mind.

Then slowly without realization of it all underneath the peace of the stars I fell asleep, for my eyes then to gaze upon the day sky.

'For such unearthly things it's silly how multiple very very distant balls of gas in a possible never ending void of unknowing, can soothe peoples mind sets'

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