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Keeper  of the Devil Fruits (One Piece Fan Fiction) by chrisymd
Keeper of the Devil Fruits (One Christina
There's a legend circulating around the world and no one believes it could be true. A legend about someone with the powers of every single Devil Fruit whether it be new...
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House Trained (Werewolf!Zoro x Reader) by Jaq-Rabbit
House Trained (Werewolf!Zoro x Jaq-Rabbit
Your plan had been to adopt a dog. A companion who would be there for you to come home to from a hard day at work or long day at school. You hadn't realized how twisted...
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One-Shots! (One Piece & Others) by simswimsbob
One-Shots! (One Piece & Others)by Dre
One Shots from One Piece! You can request some if you'd like!
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Siblings (Zoro x Reader) by Kawaii-kun
Siblings (Zoro x Reader)by Chibi
ZORO AND READER-CHAN ARE NOT SIBLINGS!!!!!!! "Be my nakama!" You and your brother looked at the strange rubber man who sat in front of you. I mean, sure you h...
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My Perfect Katana (Zoro x Reader) by Zen_Desu
My Perfect Katana (Zoro x Reader)by Zen
When Zoro has nearly finished his training, he breaks one of his katana by accident. Mihawk sends him to an area where he knows there is a cursed katana waiting for a p...
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Blazelight (Roronoa Zoro x Assassin Reader) by DJG3N6
Blazelight (Roronoa Zoro x Jun_Cant_Draw_For_Sh1t
(Note: This story is set somewhere in the Alabasta Saga. Episodes 62-135) Zoro is a former bounty hunter, who could use three swords, and is known as the best swordsman...
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Zoro x reader The new girl at the school by FangLephei
Zoro x reader The new girl at FangLephei
A new girl come at the school, very talented, sociable and clever one. She will make new friends here and one of them is Zoro. In the start they will become buddies but...
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El Corazón de la Espada ( Zoro x lectora ) ( Roronoa Zoro x lectora ) by MonxaAshino
El Corazón de la Espada ( Zoro x Monxa.Ashino
.-¿Qué sentimientos podrías albergar tú? Tan solo eres un demonio con espadas.- No me debo a ningún hombre porque el día que vuelva a entregar mi corazón estaré muert...
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roronoa zoro x reader oneshots by thotchan
roronoa zoro x reader oneshotsby naomi♡
a collection of fluffy oneshots of you and your favorite mosshead!
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Pervert | (Kojou x Reader) by ItsWeirdz
Pervert | (Kojou x Reader)by Weird
(#4 Kojou x reader!) Hi hi Weirdos! This is small side story to the book, Blood | (Kojou x Reader)
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Sleeping Ero and Prince Marimo (Sanji x Zoro) by AbsurdOtakuGirl
Sleeping Ero and Prince Marimo ( Pantastic.Queer.Writes
When the Straw Hat pirates are given a log pose by the king of a lone island, they insist on returning the favour. However, wearing dresses and acting wasn't exactly wha...
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Soccer Twin Zoro x reader AU! by FangLephei
Soccer Twin Zoro x reader AU!by FangLephei
[Name] Lephei is a fashion designer, she is working for a big fashion house and she is living with her twin sister Fang Lephei who is a student of the sport academy and...
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The Devil's Child (a One Piece fanfiction) by patheticsneaker
The Devil's Child (a One Piece patheticsneaker
A One Piece FanFiction. Tenshi grew up never seeing the world outside Impel Down. No, she wasn't born there, but she might as well have been. Trained to fight as the tru...
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The lone wolf by big_bad_shewolf
The lone wolfby Pirate of heart
Sakura is a wolf shapeshifter known, as a lycan, who has been forced to flee her home. Desperate and alone she meets a certain straw hat crew but will she accept them or...
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Our Generation • Zoro x Reader by RoronoaZorosBabe
Our Generation • Zoro x Readerby Lady Yumiko
Gol D. Roger was practically your father, raising you from childhood after a terrible incident occurred in your homeland. You decide to set out to achieve your dream to...
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All that has happened since I met you.      (Roronoa Zoro X Reader) by Mel_Lunar
All that has happened since I Sloth_Like_Habits
You find yourself stranded at sea in a worn out small wooden boat that could give out at any moment. The straw hats ship was near and you only hoped they would be nice e...
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The role of the moon and the sun (a one piece fanfiction) by otakusenpai1
The role of the moon and the sun ( Dazai's clone
Her memories disappear All ready for a battle A suicidal little girl she is... Her chest was wearing a black vest with bombs to finish her last mission, she knew she wa...
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From one to five (ZoSan) by shiggy20002
From one to five (ZoSan)by Shiggy
It is not unusual for Zoro and Sanji to fight. But this is different. After accusing Sanji of betraying the crew and its captain, Zoro is supposed to find the cook who t...
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-Fate- by 2OWF61
-Fate-by T.F
sanji and luffy are best friends since they were little. as their 18 birthday rolls by they can't wait to figure out who's their mated one's sadly they find out that. sa...
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Sanji x Zoro x Child! Reader by XdoffyX
Sanji x Zoro x Child! Readerby • Author-Chan •
Just some cute dribbles between Sanji, Zoro, and little you~ (choose whichever age you prefer your reader to be)
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