Part 26 Reunited

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As you ran through the kid's shop area, the older customers were curious and concerned for you being chased. The children were frightened, and seeing their faces and hearing their whimpers wavor, made you stop in place. It was time to stop this foolish game of chase, to stop the villagers worries and to confront the crew you sailed with two years ago.

"I give, I give, just don't hurt me ol' angry moss head." Your arms lifted in the air for a surrender as you slowly turned around with a worried smile.

"Luffy's pissed you know." Zoro commented, giving no long awaited greeting and calming down from his murderous intentions as his sword slides back into its sheith.

You were slightly disappointed by that being the first thing he said after the two years. He has grown even more handsome. His hair grew out even if by only a centimeter or two, a scar now dawns his face, and as his open robe clearly indicates, his muscles have grown stronger. These features could not go unnoticed by you. At first it was the swordsman who stared with suspicion and now it is you who stare with what one could put it lightly, interest.

"Hey hey, is this swordsman your friend?" One of the kid's ran up to your leg and pointed at the green haired man. This kid was not the brightest one in the day care. In fact this kid was the only one still hanging around the area.

"I hope we are still friends, this is Zoro. He's from the pirate crew I sailed with before I came here."

You saw Zoro's face changed expression slightly, likely from the motherly attitude you presented at the child. Its not like you were rough and tough before, more so distant and in the back. It is a change, one ever so obvious.

"So, Luffy is pissed..." You mention the second his loud voice could be heard throughout the town. "Would you mind getting him, I need to make sure the town is not scared for much longer. After all, you are standing directly inside of a marine base Roronoa." All of the marine soldiers were around, getting ready to take aim.

"I could tell..." He mumbled, sensing the marines that were ready to attack. Not phased but hand on his katana

As you ran off, and telling the marines to hault, the crazy straw hat wearing captain jumped from seemingly nowhere and landed next to Zoro with Esen in one of his hands.

"Luffy, what are you doing with Esen- wait..." As you recall giving him a piece of the marine base leader's vivre card, it all made sense.

Luffy might not have recognised you at first, but hearing your voice that short illusion broke into shards of glass.

"(Y/n)!" The boy shouted, a part of him wanted to go up and welcome you but at the same time his voice turned a bit more serious as Esen hit the ground. This was not a game, and the contents of your message were not to his liking.

"I'm sorry for everything, and it's selfish to ask but, can you give me another minute. I saved this island and seeing them scared pains me deeply. I want to calm them down first. Then punish me all you want, okay?" This is perhaps the first time you stood up to your captain instead of letting his have his way, no more him spinning you to death. It is hard to tell, did these two years away split you further from the crew or did it flourish a stronger bond?

"I understand. Meet me at the Sunny by sunset." He walked off, and as the wind blew came a sound of silence and worry. Captain understood completely the values of the town to you, but you were more so worried what struck him so wrong in that message. Zoro walked off with Luffy, no looking back, these two years away it was surprising you did not go head over heels for the swordsman when seeing him. This tense atmosphere suppressed any of those feelings, almost like they were never present in the first place. The first priority was the town, but you would not cower down as being a member of the crew.

"Aren't you going with them?" Is seems that one kid still stood around, you would have thought he would run home by now.

"No no, not yet. Let's get you home." You held the child's hand, leading him home, and to calm the citizens.

Esen stood up, covered in dirt and rubble in his hair. Not particularly phased by the incident, being touted around by a pirate.

"Sir, do we engage the Straw Hat pirates?" A marine soldiers shouted, everyone only backing down from your orders as they were told by Esen to listen strictly to any orders from you.

"Haha! You have more balls then I thought." The leader brushed off the dirt from his robe. "Don't engage in combat. This is the new world, you can't be dumb enough to think any of you can handle these pirates quite yet. Be smart before something like this."

     You went through towm, after dropping the kid off, telling anyone on the streets that the pirates were of no harm. They had doubts at first, but they trusted you as a pirate, they had no reason to doubt the crew you are apart of. As time passes calming their feats, the sun set low. The fisherman of the island led you in the directipn of the Thousand Sunny. You could see the images of the crew mates two years before, and now that they have grown. Sometimes, you were more of a coward then Usopp himself but you feel as if maybe now you can prove your worth to this crew instead of honor getting in on your way like sticky webs of a spider.

   "In time, we all grow in one way or another. It's never about what you were when you are smaller. If that's how you are perceived as if you were years before, show them the you of now or just know they have yet to grown and that you have grown beyond their smaller selves."

(A/N Someone mentioned the idea for me typing a lemon in this book. This is not something I am necessarily into writing or reading but I'm willing to try it when the time comes for this book depending on how many of you are interested in the idea. So if you are interested, feel free to tell me so.)

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