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Emotions [Zoro x F!reader] by Ria_Writer
Emotions [Zoro x F!reader]by Ria
Roronoa Zoro x F!reader AU! Zoro a new student in your school, you are the smartest of them all and most talented also very popular but you don't give a damn. You can'...
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The Lines of Life (One Piece Various x Reader) by _Anonymous_Weeb_666_
The Lines of Life (One Piece Vario...by Anonii
Y/N was a wondering heart, never feeling in place or welcomed. After eating the Lifeline Fruit her world got flipped upside down for the worse. Everything seemed to be a...
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My moss-head! Modern Zoro xreader~ by idk_nori
My moss-head! Modern Zoro xreader~by badsweetgirl
you leave your old house to live with your older brother but he's a businessman so you're basically living alone again but you have friends!~
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~zoro x reader~ by Eustass_D_abby
~zoro x reader~by Demon-ya
(y/n) is rescued by the straw hat pirates, and she meets a green haired fellow named zoro. it's love at first sight but they didn't know that (y/n) is actually luffy'...
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The Straw Hat's Seamstress (One Piece x Reader) by NotSoDeadGirlWalking
The Straw Hat's Seamstress (One Pi...by I Need A Life
Well this is just me experimenting with the OP characters for now. The story follows you,a young brilliant seamstress' adventure with the Mugiwara Crew,the storyline wil...
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Not Alone Anymore (Luffy x OC)COMPLETED by Badwolf123456789
Not Alone Anymore (Luffy x OC)COMP...by ThirtyWolfX
RedEyes is the name of a feared pirate. With an almost uncontrollable Devil's Fruit... it doesn't take much for her to lose her temper. Although, it seems the Straw Hats...
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Zoro X Reader by Keef_The_Pineapple
Zoro X Readerby Klance
Hey guys this is the first time writing a story! I hope you enjoy. You live in a sexist village then you meet Zoro. Read to find out what happens next! Warning: I don't...
A Goddess In A World Of Pirates? by KiwiTheOtaku1311
A Goddess In A World Of Pirates?by ♥♡Kiwi~Chan♥♡(//ω//)
(One piece Various x Op Reader) (Y/N) (L/N) is a kind hearted girl that loves anime one day she makes a wish at 11:11 she meets a goddess named Akemi!Akemi grants her wi...
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One Piece One Shots 😀 by Kanna_Scarlet
One Piece One Shots 😀by Kanna Scarlet
Yo. Requests welcome. Read the title.. Hope you enjoy 😄 Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece (though it'll be awesome if I did). Eiichiro Oda does!
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One Piece x Reader One Shots! by Pokeharvest
One Piece x Reader One Shots!by Pokeharvest
A collection of One Piece x Readers! They'll mainly be Straw Hats (and by Straw Hats I mean Zoro) and requests are CLOSED! No lemons! (I just started the Skypeia Arc, so...
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One Piece oneshots by Amyfeng749
One Piece oneshotsby TeddyBear
(〃ω〃)One Piece trash. I do not own the artwork.🚫 Nor the characters in this book. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I am a student, but I do publish daily. (Not on holiday no more :(( back t...
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One Piece X Readers by kathrynluna
One Piece X Readersby Kathryn
Here you can see Kathryn trying to write a series of oneshots that readers probably requested.. or not, because she's a loner and has no friends.. So.. Anyway i'll try t...
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Little sister [Zoro x F!reader] by Ria_Writer
Little sister [Zoro x F!reader]by Ria
So this story will follow anime and I'll just put in the reader...rest find in the story and do not skip first part! (It's kind of important) Btw. Forgive me for my Engl...
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Angel's True Smile (One Piece) by WritingGirl123456
Angel's True Smile (One Piece)by Writing Girl
After leaving the home island of Usopp with their new ship the Going Merry, the new crew had rescued a young woman, called Micheal D Iris, from the Ocean and join asks h...
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Zoro X Reader by Anime_Freak90210
Zoro X Readerby Seabass
JUST RECENTLY EDITED!! You're a Neko. You were walking alongside the beach and eventually see a guy with sea green hair struggling to get up a hill. You help him find a...
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Zoro loves me by roses_have_thorns_6
Zoro loves meby Nightmares_inside_me
collection of zoro x readers since i love zoro so much i thought i would write a bunch of these and post it see how you like them thanks for reading.
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roronoa zoro x reader oneshots by thotchan
roronoa zoro x reader oneshotsby naomi♡
a collection of fluffy oneshots of you and your favorite mosshead!
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All that has happened since I met you.      (Roronoa Zoro X Reader) by Mel_Lunar
All that has happened since I met...by Sloth_Like_Habits
You find yourself stranded at sea in a worn out small wooden boat that could give out at any moment. The straw hats ship was near and you only hoped they would be nice e...
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My Sword (zoro x reader) by IBallistickitten
My Sword (zoro x reader)by Ballistic
Another swordsman joins Luffy's crew, they don't know that (y/n) is actually a girl and that she is the strongest swordsman out there and the niece of Mihawk. ho ho ho W...
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Red Haired Shanks 's Daughter by sunrizingz
Red Haired Shanks 's Daughterby Hyūga Hannah (Neji's Wife 4Ly...
IT GETS BETTER I SWEAR JUST READ Ace/OC For Now;) Love story. One piece fan fiction. -There are two users of the Mera Mera no mi? Since when does Shanks have a daughter...
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