Part 9

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Recap: Reader was thinking about her past up until now.

    Awakening in the next day everything was as 'normal' as it could get, as in it's daily routines of the crew being exactly as it is, themselves. Another day of excellent cooking and hopefully something interesting or maybe just hanging out with some of the crew mates considering that I am fairly new. Walking outside I could feel the cool breeze of the ocean hit me, along with seeing it's seemingly endless vast body of water.

   Heading out towards the head of the ship I could spot what could only be made as a spot. A spot, only a spot. I was curious so as I am, I decided to ask someone if they knew miraculously knew. Maybe it was the next island up ahead, I sure didn't know.

   Looking around I noticed the closest crew member was Luffy but, I doubt he'd be much help so I thought why not the long nosed fellow, that was also close by.

   "Hello Usopp" saying his name in a mumble just in case of getting it wrong whilst I'm still learning their names of the crew members sometimes they seem to slip from my mind. I knew of Luffy's, Robin's, Nami's, and Sanji's names very well although the long nosed fellow and the horned animal's names I'm not confident about, meanwhile the swordman's is a matter of me not knowing his. I should know his name by now but I guess I haven't paid enough attention to what people where saying around me to figure it out, sorry green haired swordsman.

    After saying hello to Usopp I asked if he could tell me what it was along the horizon. He didn't know either so he grabbed something to see further with And from what I could gather from him freaking out screaming around the ship, it wasn't good news, a Navy ship was a brew with a bad taste to it.

Time to fight I assume.

   The Luffy and the swordsman went towards the front of the ship with wide grins apparent on their faces, ready for action. Sanji then walks slowly behind and puts hand on my shoulder looking towards the oncoming ship telling me that 'He'd be the savior of the day and my knight in shining armour.'

Canons soon starting firing when the Navy ship noticed the Straw Hat Pirates in front of them, always searching to get rid of pirates not caring if they are 'relatively' friendly or not, saving more than they are destroying. Marines can be such salvages, thinking they are helping when some times they could be doing worse than that.

Luffy handled most of the canon balls coming towards him in which he could easily deflect the canon balls using his very convenient devil fruit powers, even when more ships appeared behind the one. The swordsman occasionally sliced some canon balls in half, looking so accomplished by his work while Sanji also occasionally dealt with the canon balls, kicking into the water as if it was just a game to him. In fact it looked like a game to the three of them and looked as if they had so much fun while doing it in fact.

They sure are amazing.

   Wanting to keep a 'quote on quote safe distance' from the action taking place I went to watch the boys fight from the backside of the ship. It was nice being able to watch someone fight in that way, while also feeling safe at the same time knowing that they would save you if at all possible.

   In the meantime of watching the three 'play their game' myself and the crew failed to recognize that another marine ship came from behind shooting a canon ball towards the area of the ship that I was located at. Even if I could have noticed sooner, I couldn't have dodged it.

  Although a certain swordsman noticed as soon as the canon fired from an area where the ships in front of him were at. He ran as quickly as he could to slice the canon ball in time.

  With it being so close to me, and while slicing the canon ball in half, one of his swords slashed through my arm. I'm just glad it was a cut from his sword and not the canon ball to my face.

Soon tears came from my eyes and I started crying terribly bad.

"Look it not my fault you were in the way okay?!" The swordsman panicked with words that I didn't even know if they were apologetic or what but if I was crying because he cut my arm it may have been a different story and would have been mad. Although I cried because I was scared out of my mind, I'm glad he saved me.

The words that came from his mouth soon made me laugh like a mad man even while I was still crying.

"Thank you for saving me swordsman." I told him finally after calming my weird self down. "I appreciate it, don't worry about the wound it's not as if I would prefer a canon ball over a sword slash such as that one." Gazing at him I have him a kind hearted smile.

"Whatever and stop calling me swordsman I have a name! It's Zoro." He had told me a little aggravated while in return I gave him a giggle and and told him 'Yes, Zoro'.

   Soon after I had my arm bandaged by Chopper still wearing his adorable hat figuring out that the wound wasn't too bad,as in my arm is still functional, even though it will most likely leave a scar. I smiles kneeling that at least I could keep a scar with a somewhat excellent memory to it, being saved by someone else can really make a person feel as if they belong somewhere that there can be someone out there who cares enough to save your life. Most would look on the negative side and say that they were 'too' weak, not I the emotional feeling I get from it is soothing.

   Even though the swordsman, or in fact Zoro, saved me from an awkward and painful relationship between me an a canon ball today he sure received hell from Sanji for cutting my arm and making me cry. I would have tried to intervene but, they wouldn't stop to listen even if I had tried.

'Why must people frown upon scars, it's a thing to show that you could go through troubled times and live to tell the tale. That you are only human having to grow through strength.'

Author's note:

Okay let's get this straight I hate doing 'author's notes' but I wanted to say I'm glad that people enjoy this story, as seeing I saw 2k reads and somewhere around 100 favourites/stars. All I want is to be able to make someone, regardless of if they are a stranger, happy from something that I could ever come up with. Hope you are enjoying.

The update is later then I had wanted it to be due to internet problems and inspiration issues.

Advice is always appreciated and will take criticism as given in consideration, honesty is cool. Also I hope I'm not making this too cliché or. 'cringe worthy' material, I try not too. Also too out of character, like I said I try not to.

Goodbye and have fun reading FanFiction.

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