The after math part 16

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You didn't want to hold him back, you know there wasn't any way you could... "P-Please.... After this is over... See Chopper again."...He made no response, no attempt to either, as he simply walked to his captain...

After all do was settled down, the scene takes place back in the doctors headquarters. Zoro was being checked on, which started out at a rough pace. He was very reluctant to say the least, kept going on about how he was just fine. Even after he settled, grumbles and grunts were still heard from none other then the stubborn one.

You stood there watching and listening to everything the two did, from the rummaging through a medical supply bag to the huffs and puffs of annoyance. You apologised a few times to Chopper although he clearly blamed Zoro himself over the one 'watching him' like a child would need to be watched.

Chopper deducted that everything for the most part should be fine, as long as he rested. A long rest was all that could cure it, the swordsman would happily take a rest although maybe not a long night sleep.

Knowing this made you feel relieved that he was fine, for the most part of course. With that you decide to take leave back to the open deck. You opened the door to go and for the first time in a few minutes the swordsman said something, unless all of those grunting noises count.

"Are you done yet? I don't want to be cooped up in here all day yah know?"

Chopper told him to hold on for a minute or two more as he wanted to double check a few more things much to Zoro's demise yet, he was cooperating to say the least.

You chuckled at that comment of the swordsman, only to say the first thing that came to mind when walking through and out the door.

"So childish." This all well being said in a joking manner to be known. Not serious but all too series at the same time, of course the childish reward might go to the captain instead but everyone in the crew is childish to an extent.

   "Then what does that make you?" Zoro had to bite back, but of course. You kept quiet while grinning crazy as all get out. Then took it upon yourself to finally close the door that you where already out of.  The crew mates where occupied with other manners, so none could see the grin that was once there.

   The thought, was bothersome. Zoro, of all people, kneeling down and clutching in pain with hitched breaths. Regardless of if it was your shift to watch the swordsman or not. Out of everything this lonesome thought made you drunk with craziness, the only way to kick it out of the brain for a while.

The first itch that came to mind was to fight someone, of course that meant choosing the special weapon this go around. You grabbed a bag. Who's bag?No one knows.

   With this, While the others were distracted, you went off in search of a fine fighting weapon. That was soon to be gathered.

   This weapon was more or less the first thing you found in one of the three rooms you visited, though it worked. The only reason it could be called 'carefully chosen' would be because the first idea to get the door was bad to say the least, the door was still tempting even after deciding no. Though you really really wanted to use a door, you also knew Franky would be more or less unpleased with the idea. The second was a tomato that was set out for the next meal, though Sanji wouldn't approve of the wasted food, so that was a no go as well.

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