Chapter 7; Mistakes and Stories.

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Your POV (same day as last chapter)

I giggle inside of my office. I get a Skype call from Adam and flick on my recording light. Max is still stunned from how forward I was. To be honest, so am I. I accept the call.

"What is it today, Adam?" I ask.

"Do you even read the schedule?" He responds.

"We have a schedule?! Why was I not informed of this!"

"You just got here today."

"Oh, yeah, right."

"Two truths and a lie with me, you, Ross, and Max. I thought it would be a good way to get to know you."

"Leggo!" I respond.

He invites everyone else and gives us time to come up with some. Adam finally starts the video. I tune out during his intro.

"And a new member to Sky Media, (Yt/n) or (y/n)!" I wave, then realize they can't see me. I laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"I started waving when he said my name, but then I realized I don't have face cam!" They all started laughing with me (Not important, but my dog just licked my foot irl!).

~Time Skip Brought to you by; The Butt Knights~

"And, it looks like (y/n) wins! Awww..." Adam says his outro. We all exit off the Skype group. I hear a knock on my door.

"Come in!" I yell.

"It's locked I can't." I hear a muffled voice.

"Oh, yeah." I open the door to see a Max with a face as red as his hair.

"Um, Adam wanted to know if you wanted to go out to lunch with us?"

"Yeh, sounds good. I'll just grab my purse and we can go!" We walk out of my office.

"Okay, so Red, (y/n), and Max call all ride with me. Ross, Barney, and Dan (CavemanFilms) can all ride with Tim-Tim." Adam says. I follow Adam to his car. I sit shotgun, and watch as Max and Red awkwardly sit next to each other. We pull up to IHOP.

"Really, Adam?" Max asks. Adam shakes his head enthusiastically.

"So... The thing is is that I'm kinda, well, banned from IHOP." I say, looking down. Everyone in the car looks at me.

"How the f*ck did you get banned from IHOP?" Max asks.

"Well, you see, I came here the other day, actually, twice the day I hit Max. The second time, I sorta squirted mustard all over the manager. In my defense,  I was trying to put it on my food, but he got in my way." Everyone starts laughing.

"Well, guess we can't come here. I'll text Ross to tell him the change of plans. Anywhere else your banned from?" Adam asks.

"Walmart, Shopko, The Space Needle, and some others back in my home town." I say, counting on my fingers.

"How did you get banned from Walmart?" Max asks.

"Don't ask questions you don't want the  answer to, but, I will tell you it has to deal with those things of balls." I respond. They all laugh again. We decide to go to this taco place. The tacos are great! Soon, we are talking about funny mistakes we all made.

"I can't believe you actually thought it was a good idea to hiss at people that were making fun of you, Adam!" Tim says.

"In his defense, he was Dracula." I say. The makes everyone laugh again.

"What about you, (y/n)?" Ross asks.

"Well, I've done a lot of stupid things in my life, but the biggest mistake would have to be when I put the cardboard in with the pizza and almost burnt my whole house down. The pizza was good, though." I laugh.

~Time Skip Brought to you by: Dada the Dolphin~

My stomach starts to hurt, so I go home early. Adam is nice, and gives me a ride. I lay in bed the rest of the day.


Well, that ending sucked! Sorry, but was told to get the next chapter out asap, and sorry that Max hasn't gotten a pair and asked you out yet. But, there will be something going down in the next chapter, I'll tell you that much. Thanks for reading and BYYYEEEEE!!!

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