Chapter 2; A City I Could Posssible Love

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Your POV

    I pull out my wallet and pay my bill. I give the waitress a $2 dollar tip, folded up under the menu so it looks like two twenties. It's not mean, it's simply... a social experiment. I give her a smile and walk out. I'm late to post a video, so I'm speed walking to my house. I soon come up behind very noisy people. The slowest one also looks the youngest. He has brown curly hair and glasses. He is wearing a brown coat, even though, to me, it's pretty warm outside. I easily cut in front of him, muttering a quick,

"Excuse me." I continue to do the same, until the front two are taking up the whole sidewalk. It is against a building, so I can't go around them that way, and on the other side, there is a street. I can see Jess's and Dom's house in the distance. I sigh. The two finally fall into order and I pass the first one.

I am about to pass the second one when he says, "BACK THE F**K OFF ADAM!" That's when he turns around and punches me in the face. I take a step back and nail him harder. I now see him as a threat, so I grab his arm and twist it behind his back.

"This is a warning. NEVER, EVER punch me, or someone else in the face." I let go and he falls to the ground. I then quickly walk into my house. I quickly get a text from Jess as I kick my feet up,

'Is it okay if I bring my friends over tonight? Oh, and watch out, there's some loony running loose hurting people.' ~Jess, I quickly text back,

'Ya, but your going to have to bring more food if I have to share... and don't worry, you know me 😜' ~ (y/n) I pull out my laptop and check YouTube. Thank goodness for Sarah! She already uploaded my video! I send her a quick email, and start cleaning.

~Time Skip Brought to you by; Corndogs~

Jess is here early, because Dom isn't coming. He volunteered to watch the kids, what a sucker. She helps me put out some popcorn.

"So, tell me about your friends?" I ask (Should I do quotes like dis?).

"Well, Adam is funny, Ross is an idiot, Red is funny, John (Barney) is both, and Max is really fun to piss off." She replied. I nodded.

"Okay, I think I got it."

"Oh, and try not to laugh at Barney's accent. It's really hard."

"That's what she said." I mutter under my breath. She laughs.

"I think this will work out just fine." Just then, the doorbell rings.

"I'll get it!" She yells and runs to the door. I hear various greetings. I also hear Jess whispering about 'not worrying about is getting along' and 'my hidden friend qualities' and also me being 'a bit threatening at first' I roll my eyes and peek out from the kitchen. Well, I'm f**ked. It's. The. Same. People. From. Earlier. Sh*t. I then accidentally fall from my hiding spot. Double sh*t. I nervously laugh.

"Oops. We meet again." I rub the back of my neck. I stare at my feet.

"YOU! You punched me in the face and threatened me! Jess, THIS is your friend?!?! How?!?!" My face grows red. I grab a piece of popcorn and sit on my couch. They are stunned by my forwardness.

"What?" I shrug, "if you're going to roast me, I might as well get comfy!" Jess laughs, and the others join. Well, this is going to be a long night....

Author's Note

Okay! Explanation time! So, I've been sick lately. Like, coughing and throwing up. My mom finally took me to the doctor's last week. We discovered I had an ear infection. The doctor gave me some medicine and sent me back home. A week later, and I was still really sick. My mom took me back to the doctors, and they took some blood and gave me some meds. The next day, aka yesterday, I had an allergic reaction to my meds. I went back to the hospital, and today we find out what's wrong with me. Hope you all enjoyed this chapter, BYYYYEEEEE!!!'

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