A Sequel?!?!

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Hey guys!! After taking a loooong break from Wattpad for some personal reasons, I'm back!!! So, I plan to work on Seeing Red later, and write a sequel now! Anyways, here's what I'm thinking so far:

You know those four years that I (Author) skipped during Oops? Yeah, well, I'm going back to those four years. Basically, I'm going to make five chapters for each year. Then, I'll end up with 20 chapters (I almost wrote children by mistake). I will then do a quick recap of the last chapter on here, and then I'll do a secret chapter, and the. I'll do another secret chapter. And then, it'll be 23 chapter long!

I'm planning to release the first chapter on January 1st, but I'll do something if I change it. Thank you if you read this, and BYYYEEEEE!!!

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