Chapter 12; Girl's Day Out

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Your POV

It's Saturday! Which means no work! My phone goes *ding* as I hop out of bed.

'Girl's day out. You. Me. Alesa. My house @ 8. Bring the phone case I got you for Christmas! The tall best friend one. See ya there! ~Jessy'

Well, this is going to be awesome! I haven't met Alesa yet, but I hear she's really cool. I grab my part of the phone case Jess got me for Christmas. Since Jess is kinda short, mine is the tall one. I get ready in (outfit above). I'm a few minutes early, but I walk over to Jess's, using my crutches, of course. Dom opens the door.

"Hey (y/n)! Alesa should be coming soon. Jess is upstairs. I'm watching the kids," He says as he opens the door wider for me to come in.

"Thanks Dom, or should I say Aaron? Man, she sure has you whipped!" I say, faking a whip noise and hand thingy.

"She's been working really hard with her series, and I wanted to give her a break," He says laughing.

"Wow. It's worse then I thought," I say, laugh. Jess walks into the room laughing too.

"Hey (y/n)! Alesa says she's going to meet us at the mall!" She says happily.

"Well, do you want to play (own character or o/c) in my roleplay?" She asks excitedly.

"YESH!" I yell as she drives down the road. She laughs and stops the car as we pull up to the mall.

"We're here!" Jess announces as we get out.

"That was fast," I say surprised. Jess laughs. We walk inside and find Alesa.

"Hi! You must be (y/n)! I'm Alesa!"

"It's so nice to finally meet you!" I give her a hug.

"Same," she pulls back, grabs me by the shoulders and looks at me, "Ahh, I see what Adam means now when he says Max and Red fight over you."

"What?" I ask, very confused.

"Max and Red. They both like you. Adam said something about a war."

"Ohhhh, yeah. I remember when Adam said that," I say slowly, connecting all the little pieces together.

"So.... Which one do you like?" Jess asks excitedly.

"Huh?" I ask confused again.

"I asked, which one do you like," Jess repeats.

"Oh, yeah. Well, I like Max, but Red asked me on a date first. So, I went on a date with him. But, it didn't work out so now we're friends. And I was trying to text that to Jess, but I accidentally sent it to Max. So, now he knows that."

"Does he know that you like him?" Alesa asks. I can clearly see that they're both getting into this.

"No. Maybe. I don't know. The text I accidentally sent him just said that the date didn't go too well."

"Wait. Let me see your phone." Jess demands.

"Umm.. No. Remember what happened last time I let you see my phone? I ended up with about 1,000 Neko Atsume cat pictures, and a text from my old crush, saying he didn't like me. I'm so not letting that happen again," I say, crossing my arms stubbornly.

"Please? If you won't let me have it, at least let Alesa see it," Jess pouts, sticking out her bottom lip.

"Okay, fine," I say, sighing. "But, you better not text anyone."

"Yay!" Jess cheers, and I hand my phone to Alesa as she smiles happily. I look over her shoulder to see what she's doing.

"Don't worry, he'll never even know it's you," Alesa says.

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