Chapter 27; Wedding

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3rd Person POV (time skip 4 years)

A hush washed over the crowd as the music started, a little girl running down the aisle, throwing flowers behind her. The adults giggled and chucked as she happily joined everyone at the alter.

A beautiful bride walked down the aisle, her father at her side. Her smile was contagious, and everybody soon had a smile, especially the groom, who couldn't believe that this beautiful woman had said yes to his proposal.

He had proposed in Hawaii, on their 4th year anniversary. Both of their friends surrounded them as the Father began the ceremony.

Your POV

"Do you, Sarah Wills, take this man, Michael Steves, and promise to love and care for him as long as you both shall live?" The Father asks.

"I do." Sarah says.

"And do you, Michael Steves, take this woman, Sarah Wills, and promise to love and care for her as long as you both shall live?"

"I do." Red says.

"Then, under the church, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride," As soon as the Father says it, Sarah basically sweeps Red into a movie- starish kiss (ya know. Where one is like halfway to the ground (that's Red) and the other has a hand wrapped around their waist (Sarah)).

Red then picked up Sarah.

"Rawr!" He makes a dinosaur roar as he carries Sarah to their car. I, as the maid of honor, taped cans to their car. Me being me, the cans of course were filled with those things that pop when they hit the ground. As soon as the driver took off, I hid behind Max as all he things went off at once. I couldn't hold in my laugh as everyone turned to me. I have them a shy smile and shrugged. Everybody else started laugh as Max and I hopped in our car so we could go back to the hotel room.

"So, what did you think of the wedding?" Max asks.

"It was nice. I still think I should've been the flower girl, but that little girl did okay, I guess. And Mason was soo cute as the ring bearer!" I said, getting a laugh from Max.

"You know that's only for little girls, right?" Max jokes.

"Hey! I can be a little girl! I could've walked on my knees so I was shorter!"

"And what did Sarah say about this?"

"She said no...."

"And why did she say no?"

"Because I have to be the maid of honor..."

"And isn't that better?"

"I guess..."

"And you get to make a speech!"

"I do!"

"Alright, we're at the hotel. Let's get dressed and then head out to the reception."

"Gottcha. Leggo!"

"I can't believe you still say that."

"Let's just get dressed, Maxy."

~Time Skip Brought to You By; The Unfortunate Shelby~

"MAX! We have to go now!" I yell, pulling on my other shoe.

"Coming!" Max yells as he skids on his heals, rushing to put his shoe on.

"Aww.. You look so cute!" I say.

"So do you, (y/n), let's go before we're late!" We rush out of the hotel room and into the car. I tap my finger on the clock as Max quickly pulls out of the parking lot.

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