Chapter 8; More Trips and Break Ups

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Your POV

I walk towards my car. I was feeling a lot better. Turns out, whatever I ate had milk or something in it. I'm lactose intolerant. That did not go over well with my stomach. I pull out my at keys and hop in.

"Making my way downtown walking fast, faces past and I'm home bound." I shake my head with the "na-na-na-na-na-na" part as I pull into the offices. I walk up the stairs (not falling this time). I open the office door. I see Tim in the kitchen. Perfect. My first victim. I sneak around him while he's digging in the fridge.

"Tim!" I yell, grabbing his shoulders. He jumps about a foot or two in the air. "I told you to stop with the broccoli!" He turns around with a serious face.

"I just can't man!" He yells back. We both start laughing and head off our different ways. I lock the door of my office. I usually do a weekly vlog, so I pull out my camera.

"Hey guys, (Yt/n) here! And today, we will be doing..." I pause, "well, I don't know what we are doing yet, but we'll find out sooner or later!" I grab a nearby stuffed animal on my desk. "Oh! I know! I'll answer question!" I set the camera down and pull out my phone. I send out a tweet to send me questions. "Okey dokey, first question, 'Do you enjoy working at Sky Media?' Yes, I do very much. To be honest, the work really hasn't changed. All that's changed is that now I get to do my dream job and work with amazing people." This goes on, me answering questions about what I do, among other things. I end my video and turn off my camera. I sigh and lean back in my chair. We still have a ton of videos we have to shoot today so we can go home earlier.

~Time Skip Brought to you by; Couch Potatoes~

"Lunch Time!" I call out, skipping into offices to make sure everyone is aware of my plans.

"Ohs yeahs!" Barney calls out. Adam lost a bet with him, so now he has to eat a ghost pepper in his meal.

"NO!" Adam cries out. We are going to a Chinese place. "Me and Red with you, (y/n)." He adds. I grab my purse and head out. I skip along the sidewalk, facing Adam and Red who are behind me.

"Are you guys ready to see the BEST DRIVER EVER?!?!" I ask.

"Tim?" Adam asks, laughing.

"No, me!" I frown.

"No, I mean- WATCH OUT (y/n)!" He yells.

"Huh?" I ask, but I soon find out. Adam yanks my hand forward, and I fall in the middle of the road, just as I notice a car coming. The problem is, my legs are still in the way. I manage to pull one out of the way before the car runs over one. It makes a sick crunching noise. Tim, Max, and Ross hop out of the car.

"Are you okay (y/n)?!" One of them asks. This could be the last thing I say, I have to make sure that I tell Ma-

"F**k you Tim." I say, giving him the finger. I hear laughter before I dose off.

Max's POV (going back in time a bit)

We all pile into Tim's car (Just realized Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon aren't the same person).

"Shotgun!" I call out. Tim  turns on the radio loudly, but it doesn't drowned out this yelling noise. I glance around, but don't see anything. Then, crunch.

"Uhh... Should we get out and see what Tim hit?" Ross asks.

"Or who." Tim adds as he gets out. Huh? As I get out, I see Adam and Red standing with scarred looks on their faces. Where's (y/n)? Oh sh*t. She looks up at me.

"Are you okay (y/n)?" Tim asks. She looks up at me, about to say something, as she turns to Tim.

"F*ck you, Tim." She says. I laugh. Everybody shoots me a 'not the best time' look, so I stop. Her eyes roll back into her head, and she passes out. Adam pulls out his phone, and calls 9-1-1. An ambulance comes, and they take her away. I tried to get in, but they stopped me. So, we all pile into cars and go our separate ways. Except, most of our ways end at the hospital.


Woah... You weren't expecting that, were you? In all honestly, I wasn't either. I have to get over this shock now, BYYYEEEEE!!!

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