Chapter 20; Old Friends...

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Your POV

I wake up in the morning to hear Sarah and Steven talking in low voices. I creep around the corner.

"What are we gonna do?" Sarah quietly asks.

"What can we do?" Steven returns.

"Go to Kentucky."

"What about (y/n)? We can't let her know about this or she'll want to come!"

"I'll stay here with her. Try to contact Zach, Tyson, and Burt."

"I just got here though!"

"Stay for a few days, then go."

"What's going on?" I ask, finally showing my presence.

"(y/n)! You're up!" Sarah yells, but stands in front of the computer. I shove her out of the way and see that one of Bash's videos is up. I sit down and watch it. It's about how he needs a lawyer because of Keemstar.

"Sarah.. Can you take me to the hospital to get my cast off please?" I ask, tears threatening to spill out of my eyes.

"(y/n).." Sarah says softly.

"So I can kick Keemstar's *ss!" I yell, getting up, grabbing Sarah's keys and throwing them at her. She grabs them and follows me to her car. The car ride is silent. We get to the hospital and go inside. Thy quickly cut my cast off and take my crutches, warning me to be careful. I grab Sarah's keys from her and start her car. Sunglasses slip out from my purse and I throw them on, pulling out of the hospital.

"W-Where are we going, (y/n)?" Sarah asks softly.

"The offices. Work."


"I'm making a video. And I want to talk to Adam about his tweets."

"(y/n), let it go. Let's get on with our lives. We can support Brandon at the same time, but he doesn't need you right now. He needs Clara, Zach, and Burt. They're going to help him though this. We can't be there for him every time, (y/n)."

"He's a friend in need and I'm helping him, Sarah. Maybe right now he just needs to see that I'm behind him. That we're behind him."

"I'm letting you make a video, but don't talk to Adam about it or Keemstar."

"I won't. Well, only if they start it first," I add quietly as we pull into the offices. I jump out before Sarah.

"Hey (y/n)!" Max says once I get in the offices.

"Not right now, Max," I say, hoping my voice doesn't cracks. I step into my office and lock the door. I flip my recording light on and pull out my face cam. I take a deep breath and turn it on.

"Hey guys! It's (yt/n) here! And I'm back with a vlog type video. I just wanted to say how... dumb it is that some people feel the need to put others down. Even on YouTube! A community where you can be yourself! And then there are people who make up sh*t and blow stuff out of the water. This is also just a note to say to my friend who is dealing with this stuff right now, I'm here for you. I hope that you see this video and you know who you are," I shakily suck in air as tears fall down my cheeks, "I'm so sorry, guys. No, this isn't a breakdown video. Hopefully, my editor will edit this out. I just- All of us YouTubers, we're human too! So, you can't just dig up stuff from our pasts and hate on us. Some of us came here to get away from the real world. So, threaten to spill my full name, Skype, or phone number, but good luck with that. I would rather everyone know my true story, the sh*t that I've been though, then to see a friend broken. So, if you're messing with someone's life, back the f**k off, okay? Their life is THEIR life for a reason, let them live it," I wipe tear from my cheeks. "Bye guys. I'll see you next time." I sign out, and curl up in a ball on my chair. There's a knock on my door, but I refuse to get it as I sob into my knees.

"(y/n)!!" I can hear Sarah yelling, then the others from the office. Finally, they stop. I see someone pressed up gains my window. I carefully wipe away my tear and peak out to see Max, sitting there, his back to my window. When he sees me, he jumps up and wraps me in a hug. I sob into his chest.

"M-M-Max h-he," I stammer, but I can't get any words out.

"Shh... It's okay (y/n).. It'll all be okay.." He mummers quietly. I finally let go and look up at Max.

"I-I... H-How can I help him?" I ask, tears dripping down my face.

"By showing him that you're here for him, but I don't think a video is the way to do that," Max says.

"S-Should I visit him?" I ask. Max looks scared.

"No. I don't think so. Maybe you should send him a text or an email," he suggests. I snap my fingers.

"I'll FaceTime him!" I yell, walking back into my offices. I poke my head back out and give Max a smile. "Well, are you coming or not?" I ask and he shrugs and joins me.

~Time Skip Brought to You By; Max Got Scared by a Loading Screen LOL~

"Hey Bash!" I greet as we finally get the Skype to work.

"Hey (y/n), what's up?" He asks.

"I just thought I'd talk to you and remind you that whatever you do, I'm behind you and so is Sarah. And Steven," I add.

"Oh, thanks. And, Clara and I already found a lawyer. She says there's no way we can lose this. Keem is trying to play the victim, but I have too much proof against him, and he had none against me," Bash says hopefully.

"That's awesome! Should I give Keem a good ol' beat down?" I ask, cracking my knuckles. Bashur laughs.

"No, you shouldn't. I've got this handled, but thanks," Bash says, still laughing.

"Alright, but I'll track down his address if you need me to," I say, laughing.

~Time Skip Brought to You By; Happy Birfday Ross~

I close out of the Skype window and sigh.

"Are you okay now?" Max asks, looking over at me.

"Yeah, I feel a lot better. I really thought I was gonna have to beat the sh*t out of Keemstar," I respond.

"He didn't even question who I was," Max realizes, raising an eyebrow.

"He trusts me. Ooh! You still have to meet Steven!" I jump out of my chair and grab Max's arm. It's noon. Perfect time for lunch.


Ye! Happy Birthday Ross!!!!!!!!! I know he'll never see this, but it's out there. I needed to write this so I could stop my panic attack that was about to happen. Don't you hate it when your mom causes them? BYYYEEEEE!!!

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