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Hi! Guess who's back? Back again? I am back. Tell your friends. Okay, so (y/n) means your name, and let me tell ya, you are a spunky little rebellion.... And one of the most famous YouTubers... Ya, life's preetttty great! You live in Bremerton, WA. Right next door to one of your childhood friends, Jess. She is also a YouTuber. Oh, and you might know her as Aphmau. Yep, that Jess. The uper-duper Kawaii one... Ya. Oh and FYI;

(y/n) ~ Your Name
(l/n) ~ Last Name
(f/s) ~ favorite song
(f/c) ~ favorite color
(h/c) ~ hair color
(h/s) ~ Harry Styles jk Lolz. Nope Hair style

And so on and so on, but that isn't very fun... so, let's jump on into your world! Oh, and if something is in (parentheses) is it my note, like a quick (a/n), or author's note. Well, BYYYEEEEE!!!!

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