A/N; I was tagged once more + Team?

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I was tagged by; BluFire1 , so here are 10 facts about me.

1.) I have mesophonia. Yes, it is real, and no, I'm not doing it to get attention. If I could get rid of it, I would.

2.) 'Sarah' (if you're reading this, you should know who this is) is NOT inspired by anyone in real life.

3.) I recently cut my hair. I got sick of it, sue me.

4.) I make sure all my chapter have 1,000 + words. Except for A/N's of course.

5.) I love superheroes. Fight me.

6.) I have seen Batman V. Superman 8+ times. I went to theaters the day it came out, too.

7.) I will never do a face revel. Or my full name. Or my age.

8.) My middle name is Jonna. I have no clue what my parents were thinking. It's pronounced John-a, too.

9.) My friends don't know about my account. And I don't plan to have them find out, either. This is why I want people to talk to about Sky Media. My friends have never watched a single video.

10.) There are 16 people in my class. We're not the smallest class in my school, either.

Well, that was 10 facts! I'll tag some peps.


Sorry if you've already been tagged 😳

Also, I think it would be cool to put together a team. Like, a team of writers  that write Sky Media Fanfics! I know that people have probably already done that, but it would would be cool to have someone for each major (or minor) person! The requirements will be that you have to have 1 completed fanfic. Please DM me if you would like to join. BYYYEEEEE!!!

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