Chapter 15; Cuddles

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Your POV

I slip on my Suicide Squad necklace (pictured above). My family left earlier. Only 1 more week with crutches (I went back and has to do some editing because I forgot that you had crutches)! Yay (Lol. Don't worry, no story changes. I just changed some verbs)! A knock interrupts me from finishing up tying my shoe laces.

"Gosh dangit, Max," I mutter as I open it, then resume to tie my shoe.

"What are you doing?" Max asks.

"Tying my shoe. Wait a minute. I'm almost done."

"I'm not waiting for you," Max complains.

"What are you gonna do?" I threaten, but Max just hands me my crutches. "I told you I have to tie my shoe!" I feel his arms wrap around me. "M-Max?! What are you doing?" I question, but he never answers me as he picks me up. I finish tying my shoe (only one cause, you know, cast), and I start to wiggle around. "I don't like being held! Put me down!" Max ignores my requests and puts me in the back of Ross's car. I set my crutches to the side, then buckle in.

"Why did you carry her?" Ross asks.

"She wasn't cooperating," Max says.

"I had to tie my shoe and Max was too impatient to wait," I explain.

"Was not," he mutters under his breath.

"Where's Tim?" I ask.

"He's sick. He couldn't even get out of bed this morning," Ross explains.

"Aww... Poor Tim," I say with concern.

"Yeah, poor Tim," Max grumbles.

"Who pissed in his cornflakes?" I whisper to Ross (People say that, right?).

"He's been like this all morning," Ross mumbles back.

"You know I can hear you guys, right?!" Max yells at us. As we pull into a parking space at the offices, Ross gives me a 'we'll talk later' look. I nod my head. As I walk into the office, I see that everyone in the office has the same picture up on their computer screen. Weird. I walk into my office and start my computers. After I log in, I see that I have the same picture.

"Oh no. Oh no. Oh noo," I mumble as I see that it's a picture of Jess and me from middle school. At our middle school dance. Jess and I standing there next to each other with our dates on the ends. I hear laughter coming from the door of my office. "Where is Jess?" I mutter angrily.

"Here!" Jess grabs my shoulders, trying to scare me. I spin around in my chair.

"Jess. I'm going to count to three."


"1" I start.

"Wait, I-"

"2" I continue. Jess gets up and runs away.

"What are y-" someone questions as I get up on my crutches.

"3," I finish and I go as fast as my crutches will allow me to go. I see Adam with a vloging camera. He starts to follow me.

"Whatcha doing, (y/n)?" He asks.

"F**k off Adam."

"Ohh feisty, are we? Who are you chasing?"


"Oh. For the computer thingy?"


"She's in Ross's office."

"Thanks Adam."

"I'm only doing it for the content."

"Yeah, okay. You know it's cause you love me," I joke, winking at Adam.

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