Chapter 17; Dreams and Loves

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Max's POV

I wake up to Ross hovering over me. I jump.

"What the f**k Ross?!" I shout.

"Shh! I think something's wrong with (y/n)!" Ross says in a harsh-whisper.

"What?!" I whisper back as I jump out of bed. I glance at the clock. 1:00. F**kin sh*t it's early. But, it's for (y/n). And, anything for (y/n). She the most beautiful, kind, strong, caring, hopeful, sweet, and lovable person I know. The list goes on and on and.

"Max! Snap out of it! I don't know how to help her!" Ross whispers. I nod and snap out of trance. Man, the trance she puts on me... I snap out of it before I star again. This is weird. I've never felt this way before. I walk down the stairs to see (y/n) shaking on the couch. She must be having a nightmare. I can hear mumbles too. I squat (oh, yeah, work dem thighs) down next to her. She's clutching her pillow. I run her back.

"Hey, it's okay. You're okay," I whisper, and after awhile her shaking stops.

"M-Max..." She faintly mumbles. She's dreaming about me? Well, I guess Jess and Alesa did kind of tell me she likes me. "I-I lo-" she stops suddenly and starts shaking again. I run her back.

"What? Finish what you said," I whisper. I mean, I know she's dreaming, but I'm too d*mn curious.

"I-I l-l-love you," she finishes. I wrap her tightly with my arms.

"I love you too," I whisper in her ear. I hold her until she stops shaking and a small smile spreads on her face.

"Woah. Max how'd you do that?" Ross whisper-asks. I blush.

"I-It was nothing. She was just having a nightmare. Wake me up if it happens again," I whisper back and he nods. After he leaves, I give (y/n) a kiss on the forehead. "Night," I add, walking back up the stairs.

~Time Skip Brought to You By; The Moist- I mean Sponge kingdom~

Your POV

I wake up in my bed. What the heck? I swear I went to sleep in the couch. I jump up, and to my relief Max isn't here. I let out a sigh as Max walks into the room.

"Did you know you sleepwalk?" He asks, sending me a grin. I raise an eyebrow.

"I sleepwalked up the stairs?" I question. A slight blush speaks on his cheeks as he rubs the back of his neck.

"Y-Yes," he stutters.

"So, Max, at what point in the night did you carry me up here and sleep on the couch?" He sends me a sheepish grin.

"This morning. Although, you did have a nightmare last night and I was thinking about taking you up here with me," he says, winking. Now I'm the one blushing.

"I had a nightmare?" Oh. Yeah. I remember now. It was about everyone leaving me alone. About Max leaving me after I told him I loved him. After that, everyone left me. It ended there and I dreamt about Max after that.

"Yeah, and did you know you also talk in your sleep?" He asks with a smirk on his face.

"You do too," I counted, although I wonder what I said....

"I-I do? W-Wait, when have you ever been around when I was sleeping?" Sh*t.

"Ha. Ha. Funny story. Remember the other day when you were asleep on the couch?" And you said that you love me? "And you woke up on top of me?" And you said that you love me?!?! "Well, I was dared to annoy you, so I took a selfie with you, and then you put your arms around me." AND SAID THAT YOU LOVE ME!!!! "And you were mumbling stuff." LIKE THAT YOU LOVE ME!!! "And then I couldn't get out of your arms." AFTER YOU SAID THAT YOU LOVE ME!! "And then I fell off the couch and you landed on top of me," I finish. Glad it didn't accidentally slip what I heard him say.

"Ohh.... Wait, what did I say?" That you love me.

"That you love me," I say, and then slap a hand over my mouth. "I-I said that aloud, didn't I?!?!" I ask nervously. He nods his head.

"Well, guess what I heard you say?" He asks daringly.

"Umm what?" I ask nervously.

"That you love me." Max said. Double sh*t.

"Sooo," I say awkwardly, "what now?" I ask, biting my bottom lip and looking down.

"Well, now... I ask you on a date. What's your move?"

"I-I say no," I start and look up at him. He has a very hurt look on his face. I grin, "would be a very stupid answer." I finish.

"Oh my gosh, you scared me half to death," he says, putting a hand over his heart.

"I SHIPPED IT FROM THE BEGINNING!" Max and I look over to see Ross holding his phone through the door, recording us.

"ROSS!!" Max and I yell at the same time.

"Ross, I would so chase you right now, but my leg is broken so you get a pass. If I see that video anywhere, I will rip your throat out and cancel your Netflix," I say angrily.

"1." Max challenges. Ross's eyes get wide.

"2." I join in and Ross starts backing up slowly.

"3." We say at the same time, and Ross darts out the door as Max chases him.

"Come here you little b**ch!" I hear Max yell. I can't help but laugh a bit. I wonder if all mornings will be like this for a week.


You're welcome KawaiiReader03 and jai-ann ! If you're wondering, they both asked for more/ a double update & I'm still super happy that I got a lot of feedback on last chapter! It really motivated me to write another in the same day! So... You and Max are going on a date! Again, I ask what your ex should be like, cause I have no clue! And where do you want your date with Max to be? BYYYEEEEE!!!

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