Chapter 14; Meeting Da Fam

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Your POV

"BEEP. BEEP. BEEP." Beeping noises ring through the house. I open my eyes to see that it's not an alarm. It's (b/n).

"What. The. H*ll." I sort of ask as I get out of bed and chase him the best I can while on crutches.

"Hey, you weren't waking up."

"That doesn't mean you stand over my bed!"

"You were also sleep talking," he adds. What was I dreaming about? Oh. Yeah. Max.

"I was not."

"Yeah, you were all like, 'Oh Max!' And so on."

"I was not!"

"We're too!"

"That sounds like someone who wants to pick everyone up from the airport for me."



"Yeah. You need to get ready and call your friends over anyways."


"K bye."

"Bye." He walks out the door, grabbing my keys on his way. I run upstairs and send out a group text to meet at my house. My parents are really big on meeting all my friends. I then take a quick shower and dress in (outfit above). The doorbell goes off. I run down the stairs and open the door to see Ross, Max, and Tim-Tim.

"Hey! Come on in. Max, are we still going along with the plan?" I ask.

"I guess so," he shrugs.

"What plan?" Tim asks.

"Max is pretending to be (y/n)'s boyfriend for her family," Ross explains. "Geez, keep up Tim."

"Wait, Ross, how do you know that?" Max asks.

"Yeah, I never even told Jess," I add.

"Well, I was totally not spying on you. And Max wrote about it in his diary," Ross explains, and Max blushes.

"I DO NOT HAVE A DIARY!" He yells at Ross. I hold in a laugh.

"Why don't you guys just come in?"

"Ye," Ross says, pushing past me and heading strait into my kitchen.

"Well, make yourself at home then?" I mumble and Ross comes out with a Mountain Dew.

"What the h*ll, Ross?" Max asks.

"Yeah, I don't even have any of that on my house... I don't know where he got that. Anyways, my brother, (b/n), is picking up the rest of my family, then you guys can meet everyone," I explain as someone knocks on my door. I open it to Jess, Dom, Adam, Alesa, and all of their kids.

"Hi!" I greeted all of them. "My family will be here soon and then I'll introduce everyone. Until then, make yourself at home," I add, opening the door to let them all in. I close the door and there's a knock on it. I open to revel Red and Barney.

"Hello," Barney says. He's been working on his American accent recently.

"Hey Barney! Hi Red!" I greeted them, then gave them the same speech I gave everyone else as they walked inside.

'Coming back soon.' ~Brudder

I sigh. (b/n) is the slowest driver I know. I closed the door and started talking to Dom.

"So... I heard Aaron and Aphmau got together," I say, nudging his shoulder and raising my eyebrows.

"Yeah. The fans aren't to happy about it, but it's Aphmau's series and she can do what she wants with it," he says, letting out a chuckle.

"True. Although, I am a Garmau shipper myself."

"Ha. Ha. I know you've been shipping us since you found out it was me who voices Aaron."

"True," I admit as my doorbell rings. I rush over to get it and see that it's my family.

"Mom! Dad! (sister's name, or s/n)! (b/n)! It's so great to see you all again!" I say as I usher them inside.

"It's good to see you too, (y/n)," Mom says. "Now, let me meet this boyfriend of yours." I see Adam give me a weird look, so I shush him as Max walks over.

"Mom, Dad, (s/n), (b/n), this is Max," I introduce him, throwing him a big grin.

"It's nice to meet you, Mrs. and Mr. (l/n) and you too (s/n). (y/n) talks about you a lot."

"That's good, I suppose." Mom says, grinning from ear to ear.

"He seems like a keeper," she whispers in my ear.

"Mom!" I say, but I'm really glad she and (b/n) approve. I'm sure (s/n) will. Now it's just dad.

"Hmm... Well, you seem nice enough. Fine. I approve." Dad says.

"Really? Dad, this is a first for you! It was also a first for (b/n)," I say excitedly.

"(b/n) approved?! He hasn't approved of any of my boyfriends yet!" (s/n) complains. "He must be a keeper, (y/n)," she adds, quietly.

"I'm glad you all get along. Now, you should meet the rest of my friends," I wave everybody else over with a hand motion.

~Time Skip Brought to You By; Agents Shed and Zed~

I spent the rest of the night introducing everybody. Eventually, all my friends had to leave. My family is staying here, though. I only have two bedrooms. We decided that guys would sleep in one, and girls in mine.

"(y/n), I like Max, but I can see you with that Michael guy too," Mom says as we're getting ready to go to sleep.

"What? Mom, Red is a good friend. We looked down that road a while ago and we both were like, 'no.' So, yeah we're NOT a thing," I explain.

"You should go out with that Ross guy," (s/n) suggests.

"Ross?!?! Umm... No! I mean, don't get me wrong, Ross is great and all.. But, I just don't see us together," I explain again.

"Ooh! What about that John guy? He seemed nice."

"Barney? Mom, no!"



"They're both married! I'm happy with Max, okay?"

"Okay, it's just.. You two don't seem like a real couple. You don't have any pictures online if you two," Mom says.

"That's because we're keeping it on the down low. Now, I have work tomorrow, and you guys have a flight. So, we should probably get to bed," I say, raising my voice a bit. They silently agree and we go to bed.


Another one! Warning, Spoiler; DidyouguysseethatMax~SenpaihasagirlfriendthathementionedinhisSundayvlogvideo?!???? WHAT?!?! Yeah. And apparently she thinks that the whole shipping thing is funny. Is this recent? Because I noticed that his Instagram bio doesn't say 'Sexy Ginger' anymore! Will she be in videos now? Is she a YouTuber?!?! Will it last long? As long as he's doing what he wants to, I'm kewl (get it?!?! Cause kewlcat?! No? Otay) with it. Are you guys? BYYYEEEEE!!!

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