Chapter 6; A Great TRIP and Hints

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Your POV

I wake up to my alarm. Sh*t! I have work today! I jump out of bed, grab clothes and sprint to my bathroom. I put on my outfit (picture above) and grab my shoes. I also decide to grab a fedora to cover my (h/c) hair. I then hear a knock on my door and grab my phone.

"Hey Red. Ready to go?" I ask as I open it.

"Ya. My car's right down there." I lock my door and make sure my car is locked too. I hop in Red's car. As he starts the car, I turn on the radio.

"I got that boom-boom pow. These chickas jackin my style. They try to cover my swagger. I'm on that next sh*t now." I sing along. Red laughs. It doesn't take long to get to the office. When we are there, I grab my purse and walk in casually. I walk into the building, but stop when I see stairs.

"Ugghhhh. You mean, I have to walk up these on a daily basis?" I ask.

"Yeah, the elevator broke about a month ago." Red answers. I sigh and start to walk up the stairs. I hear a yelling, and suddenly Ross is dashing up the stairs. When he gets to me, he doesn't see me, and accidentally pushes me over the short railing. I flail my arms, attempting to catch something. I can't. Well, oops.

Max's POV

Ross is running from me, so I chase him up the stairs. Ross doesn't see (y/n) and pushes her over the railing. It all happens in slow motion. I race ahead, and (y/n) flails her arms as I stretch mine out. She is almost to the ground, but then, she never hits the ground.

Your POV

I brace myself for an impact that never comes. Instead, I land in someone's arms. I slowly open my eyes to see Max. He looks as shocked as me. Everyone around us starts clapping as he sets me down.

"Umm. Thanks Max." I think about kissing him on the cheek, but he gets mad easily, so probably not the best idea. We all continue our climb to the office. Ross apologizes. As we all file in the doors, it's just me and Max in the hallway. I stop walking and turn around.

"Thank you again." I say, and this time, I give him a kiss on the cheek. He blushes and we walk into the office.

"(y/n)! Is it true you almost just died?" Adam asks, and now everyone is crowding around me. I laugh.

"Yeh, but I'm fine! Red can tell everyone the story while I get to work!" I say as I squeeze my way out of the crowd.

"I could've told everyone the story. I am the one that saved your life after all." Max says. I shrug.

"You don't seem too social. I thought you would be more comfortable with Red telling the story. Plus, I think he likes the attention." He laughs.

"True, but everyone likes attention once in awhile.""

"Says the one who's got it locked up like Lindsey Lohan." (Is that how you spell it?) Max laughs.

"Was that a Pitbull reference?" He asks.

"Maybe...." I respond. "By the way, how were your reflexes that good?"

"Gamer life."

"Is that also why you don't have a girlfriend?"

"Hey! No, that's not the reason."

"What would be the reason then?"

"What's the reason you don't have a boyfriend?"

"You haven't asked me yet." I wink and walk into my office.


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