Chapter 16; Sarah!!

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Your POV

After the whole 'cuddling' thing, we went back to recording videos. I'm about to start a recording of me doing a map. I turn on my camera.

"Hey guys! (yt/n) here! And today we wi-" I'm interrupted by Adam banging on my window.

"Halp!!" He screams loudly. I roll my eyes and shake my head. Max grabs on the back of his shirt and drags him away. I slowly turn my head and watch him. I turn back to the camera.

"Well, then. That was..... interesting. Magical editor, can you please edit that out?" I ask. "Anyways, today, we will be doing a map! What kind of map, you ask. It is called, 'don't trust the floor.'" I slowly look at the ground. ".... Done. I don't trust the floor anymore. Okay, thank you for watching. I'll see you in my next video!" I wave at the camera and pretend to press the button. "Sarah, you should totally add my ending screen here." I add, knowing that she will. "Just kidding guys! Now, let's get right into it!"

~Time Skip Brought to You By; Mario's Brother Tom~

"And that's it, guys! Thanks for watching! I'll see you in the next video! I wave and pretend to press the off button on the camera. "Sarah! You need to come to Washington soon! Come live with me! I can get you a job at Sky Media! Text me when you get this, okay? And when you get here, we can work on your channel. Ttyl! Bye!!" I actually click the off button and send my video to Sarah. I quickly get a Skype call from her.

"Hi (y/n)!" She yells excitedly.

"Hey Sarah! I'm guessing you got my message?"

"Yeah! And I'll come to Washington in two days! Now spill! I know you were supposed to post an Office Antics video! What happened?" She questions. I can feel my face getting a tiny redder.

"Umm.... Well...... I'll explain when you get here," I say nervously.

"Okay! Wait! Are you blushing? Something happened during that video, didn't it?! Ooohh! Spill! I can't wait until I get there!" I laugh.

"Well, yo-" I'm interrupted by a heavy knocking on my door. I open it to see Max.

"Have you seen Adam?" He asks.

"Not since you dragged him off."

"(y/n)! Who's there? Ooh! Is that your boyfriend?!" Sarah yells from my screen.

"Sarah!" I yell back.

"Who's that?" Max asks as he starts to walk into my office.

"It's my friend, Sarah." I explain.

"Where is she?" He asks, looking around confused.

"In Wisconsin. She's coming in two days." I explain, pointing to my screen.

"Ohhh... That makes sense."

"Yeah! And when I come, I'm going to meet you. And if I don't like you, you're gone!" Sarah yells excitedly.

"Sarah!" I yell at her again. "Don't worry Max, she didn't like one of my friends once, and the worst she did was give him a glare. Once. And then she gave up because it was too hard for her."

"Oh! I remember that! I was right, though. He ended up breaking your heart. That was sad." Sarah says. I look down remembering that.

"Well, I should probably get going to find Adam." Max says awkwardly as he leaves.

"He's cute, but he has a small butt," Sarah says.

"Sarah!" I yell.

"What?" She asks innocently.

"1.) He's not my boyfriend. 2.) The door wasn't closed when you said that!" I yell.

"Sorry. Talk to you later, (y/n)!"

"Yeah. See ya Sarah," I say, waving as we log off. I glance at the clock. It's around 9. I don't like driving at night. Sigh. I grab my keys and say bye to everyone at the offices. I drive to my house, then make sure there are no people hiding anywhere (you never know). I then go to sleep.


I wake up in the middle of the night to my doorbell ringing. I jump out of bed and sprint down my stairs. Grabbing a knife from the kitchen, I look through the peephole. Ross and Max. I set down the knife and open the door.

"What are you guys doing here?" I ask sleepily.

"Our apartment is getting shut down for a week because it has bugs or some sh*t like that," Max explains.

"Okay. I have a guest bedroom and someone can sleep on the couch or I can sleep on the couch and someone can sleep in my bed. Wait, where's Tim?" I ask.

"Adam only had room for one person," Max explains grumpily.

"I call guest bedroom!" Ross yells and runs up my stairs. I sigh.

"Ross! The guest bedroom is down here!" I yell, and he comes running down my stairs. "Do you guy know where the bathrooms are?" I ask and they nod their heads. "Alright. Let me grab some blankets and I'll sleep on the couch."

"I'll sleep on the couch." Max says.

"Nope. You take my bed," I say, grabbing extra pillows and blankets from my closet.

"No. It's your house. I'm sleeping in the couch," Max demands, but I'm already in the couch, almost asleep.

"Night," I call out as I drift into sleep.

Max's POV

With a sigh I go into (y/n)'s room, changing into shorts. I climb into her bed. I fall asleep, realizing her whole house smells exactly like her.


Okay, so I've been doing some research (aka reading lots of fanfics), and I have a question. Am I moving too slow? In most fanfics, I notice that in like 5 chapters, the two characters are dating and in love. I plan to make that happen, but I want it to seem more.... real. Like, in real life, you don't just meet someone and then fall in love! It takes a bit. And who knows, maybe (y/n) and Max are in love and they don't know it yet (I know. Hehe!). Also, what do you want your ex to be like. What should Sarah be like? Will Sarah fall in love with someone at the offices? Should she? Please tell me. If not in comments, then feel free to message me! I'll most likely get back to you soon (unless it's night. I sleep a lot). Message me about anything, really. BYYYEEEEE!!!

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