A/N; I was tagged XP

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Hello. I was tagged in a taggy thingy by TElizabethThibault :). So, here are 15 facts about me, Maki.

1.) I live in Wisconsin. Yeah, lots of cheese. But, we have cheese curds. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're missing out. Deep fried cheese= cheese curds.

2.) My favorite song is Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. Sky and ItsCib sung it once while Gizzy Gazza filmed it.

3.) Clay and Olivia (from Mad Pittle Love) are both real people. Inspired by my ex boyfriend and best friend.

4.) I have another account where I write Flash fanfics. @Flash_Batgirl yeah.

5.) I'm lactose intolerant. No milk or ice cream for me.

6.) My real name is Makensie. I like Maki better. It has a better ring to it.

7.) I have a grade point average of 4.0. That's all A's. No A-'s. I work very hard for that.

8.) I constantly play MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition).

9.) I've cried twice watching the Flash TV show.

10.) My wi-fi is too slow to watch YouTube videos. I stay up until 2 so I can watch videos.

11.) I hate scary movies.

12.) I used to have Browns Syndrome when I was younger. (It was sort of like having a lazy eye), but t went away as I got older.

13.) I'm really clumsy. Like, when I was little, I ran into a wall and split my head open. And once in volleyball, I tripped backwards over nothing.

14.) I play softball and volleyball.

15.) I've not had my first kiss yet. I've had 1 boyfriend, but we never kissed.

Well, that's all. Tell me if you liked it. Now , I'm sorry if you've already been tagged in this, so I'm just going to type in the letter 'I' and tag the first 15 people.
















There we go. Sorry if you've already been tagged. I'll get to working on the next chapter now. BYYYEEEEE!!!

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